______________ Travel In A Lane With A Red Arrow Above It.?

What does a flashing or solid red light mean above a lane?

You should slow down and prepare to stop completely before entering the intersection.

red arrow.

you may not turn in the direction the arrow points.

flashing red light.

A flashing red light has the same meaning as a STOP sign.

What does a red sign with a white line through it mean?

A square sign with a white horizontal line inside a red circle means you cannot enter. You will see this sign at roadway openings you are not to enter and when traffic is one way against you.

What are the 3 lanes on the highway?

When there are three or more lanes, use the right lane if you are traveling at a slower speed than traffic, the left lane for passing, and the center lane for cruising.

When can you drive in the far right lane of a freeway?

When traffic is light, your driving time should be spent in the far right lane of the freeway. Drive in the middle lane when the right lane fills up with slower-moving cars. But never travel in the far left lane (a.k.a. the fast lane) unless passing a vehicle in that center lane.Travel

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