Best Places To Travel On The West Coast?

Where should I go on the West Coast?

12 Of The Best Places To See Around The West Coast, USA

  • 1.) Seattle, Washington.
  • 2.) San Francisco, California.
  • 3.) Los Angeles, California.
  • 4.) Death Valley, California.
  • 5.) Napa Valley, California.
  • 6.) Lake Tahoe, California.
  • 7.) San Diego, California.
  • 8.) Yosemite National Park, California.

What is the best scenic drives on the West Coast?

Top 10 Scenic Drives on the West Coast –

  1. The Silverado Trail of Napa Valley.
  2. San Francisco to the Big Sur.
  3. Rim of the World Scenic Byway.
  4. Portland to Redwood National Park.
  5. Lake Tahoe to Yosemite National Park.
  6. San Diego to Ensenada.
  7. The Sierra Vista Scenic Byway.
  8. The Mount Hood Scenic Byway.

How much is a West Coast road trip?

Generally speaking, the average daily budget for a road trip on the West Coast will be between $175-$250 – this includes gas, a rental car, lodging, food, drink, and activities. Gas is very expensive on the West Coast and will lead you to an early bankruptcy if you’re not careful.

What is the best time to visit the west coast of America?

Spring is a lovely time to visit the USA’s west coast, especially California, where the temperatures start to warm up, flowers bloom and wildlife thrives. With mild, sunny days, spring is perfect for trying some outdoor activities or setting off on an extended hike in one of the many national parks.Travel

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