Can I Travel If My Passport Expires In 3 Months?

Which countries require 3 months of passport validity?

As exceptions to the agreement, Ireland and the United Kingdom require only that your passport be valid for the duration of your intended stay, Croatia requires three months, while Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria require a full six months.

Can you travel with a passport that expires in 2 months?

Yes, you can, if the guards at the border will allow your entry. Stamping you out of a country with less than 6 months on your passport will be no issue at all. It may help your case if you are traveling into a country in which you have a letter stating that you have an appointment to renew your passport.

Can you travel with less than 6 months on your passport?

Your passport should be valid for the duration of your stay, but if you have less than six months validity it may take longer to pass through immigration control.

Can you travel when your passport is about to expire?

No, you can’t travel back to your country on an expired passport if your passport expires while you’re away. In fact, if your passport is due to expire before the return flight to your country, you won’t be allowed to enter the country that you’re visiting in the first place.Travel

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