Do All Colors Of Light Travel At The Same Speed?

In empty space, all colors travel at the same speed called c.

Light of different wavelengths, or colours, travels at different speeds when they travel through any medium other than vacuum.

Red light travels faster than blue in glass.

Does light always travel at the same speed?

Light, no matter how high-or-low in energy, always moves at the speed of light, so long as it’s traveling through the vacuum of empty space. Light of different energy will change its speed by slightly different amounts, depending on the properties of that medium.

Which Colour light travels fastest?

red light

What can you say about the speed of the different colors of light in air?

Speed of light is constant only in vacuum, once it enters any medium such as air it actually depends on its refractive index. The refractive index of air (around 1.0003) is very close to vacuum (1). Thus blue light will be very slightly slower than red light in air.

Which color of light has the most energy?


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