Do You Need A Passport For Domestic Travel?

The good news is that American citizens do not need a passport to fly domestically.

You will always need a passport to fly internationally though.

Read on for more info about the types of ID you can use on domestic travel, upcoming changes to ID that will affect all US travelers and how to get a passport.

Do you need a passport to fly domestic Australia?

Domestic flights within AustraliaIf you’re travelling on a domestic flight within Australia (flights QF400 and above), you’ll need to carry the following items with you: photo identification such as a driver’s licence, passport or social security card; or.

Do you need a passport to travel within the UK?

If you are flying solely within the UK, including Northern Ireland, you do not need a passport but we advise that you carry photographic identification with you when travelling, such as your passport or driving licence. All other travellers require a valid passport to travel between the two countries.

Can you travel without a passport?

You can also travel without a passport if it is stolen or lost while abroad. There are also special relationships between countries that entitle their citizens to travel between them without a passport. For example, US citizens can travel to US territories like Puerto Rico and Guam with approved photo ID.

Do you need passport for domestic flight NZ?

At check-in or when boarding, you may be asked to provide suitable ID. You can use a driver licence, passport, Airpoints™ or Koru card, credit card, birth certificate or NZ Community Services card.Travel

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