Does American Express Have Travel Insurance?

Does American Express have travel cancellation insurance?

Many cards offered by American Express come with great travel insurance benefits.

If you’re seeking additional coverage for your trip, like cancellation coverage or emergency medical insurance, American Express offers a stand-alone travel insurance product you can use to supplement what your card provides.

Do all American Express cards have travel insurance?

As an American Express Cardmember, you get basic automatic travel insurance for both local and international travel when you purchase your travel ticket(s) on your American Express® Credit Card1. Basic Automatic Cover has the following exclusions: Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

What does American Express travel insurance cover?

The AMEX travel insurance will cover trip cancellation, interruption, and delays, travel medical, lost luggage, and provides worldwide travel assistance services.

How good is American Express Travel Insurance?

American Express Travel Insurance offers inadequate levels of Travel Medical Insurance in all but their Platinum Plan. The Platinum American Express Trip Insurance is a well-constructed trip insurance providing a good set of benefits, with appropriate coverage levels.Travel

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