Dokapon Journey How Is The Damage Of Strike Calculated?


Battle Damage reduces an adventurer’s or monster’s HP by a certain amount; if an adventurer’s HP is reduced to zero, they are defeated; overworld damage causes them to lose all of their HP.

Battle Damage[]

If one side is defeated after the first attack, the second attack is skipped. After the baseline damage is calculated, it is multiplied by a Random number that is either exactly 95% or exactly 105%.


Damage = (Atk.AT * 5.6 – Dfn.DF * 2.4) * Guard * Random


Damage = (Atk.MG – Dfn.MG) * Offensive Power * (1 – Defensive Power) * Guard * Random Damage = (Atk.MG – Dfn.MG) * Offensive Power * (1 – Defensive Power) * Guard * Random Damage = (Atk.MG – Dfn.MG) * Offensive Power * (1 – Defensive Power) * Guard * Random Damage = (Atk.MG – D


When using strike, the attacker’s AT, MG, and SP are matched up against the defender’s DF, MG, and SP in a 2.5:1 ratio. Damage = ((Atk.AT Atk.MG Defend) * 6.25 – (Dfn.DF Dfn.SP) * 3.5).


(Dfn.MG Dfn.SP) * 4 (Atk.AT – Atk.DF) * 2) * Random Damage = (Dfn.MG Dfn.SP) * 4 (Atk.AT – Atk.DF) * 2)

Damage Spells[]

Unlike Battle Damage, this Random is a number between 100% and 110% (not just the minimum or maximum). Final damage is rounded down to the nearest whole number, but cannot be less than 1.

Status Effect Damage[]

Character health affects a player’s character’s health at the beginning of their turn, regardless of whether or not they can move.

Trap Damage[]

Because traps are placed in the same area as the player’s body, there’s a chance they’ll take damage proportional to their maximum HP if they land on one.

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How is dokapon Kingdom damage calculated?

Your hit rate is determined by your SP compared to their SP, and you will always hit an opponent if you use Counter. Counter will make skills like steal hit significantly more often, but not 100%, and your hit rate can go down if you are Blinded.

How do you beat darkling dokapon?

When they land on an Empty Space, use Down first, then Sleepy Time the next turn. Sleepy Time is optional, but recommended, but Down MUST hit. After you’ve done this to your best ability, attack the Darkling.

How do you get the dokapon sword?


  1. Found in the Dark Dimension’s red loot spaces.
  2. Found in a locked box in the Dark Dimension.
  3. Won as a reward in the Casino by matching three red 7s symbols in a 500,000G bet.

What does speed do in Dokapon Kingdom?

Field Magic is one of the Mage’s greatest strengths, and if you don’t have Speed, your field magic will rarely hit, and field magic is one of the Mage’s greatest weaknesses. Also, other people’s field magic will always hit you, making you easy to victimize.

Is dokapon Kingdom on switch?

) is a Dokapon game developed by Sting and published by Aquaplus, released in Japan on December 10, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

What do the stats do in Dokapon Kingdom?

It acts as both an attack and a defense against magic, and it also affects the amount of field magic you can use. Speed – This increases your accuracy AND your chance to dodge attacks and strikes.

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How do I get darkling dokapon?

Anyone can become a darkling in Dokapon DX at any time, even if they don’t have the Dark Mark; however, in Dokapon Kingdom, if you spend two weeks in last place and the Dark Mark (a purple bat) appears above your head, you are qualified for the Darkling Job (if you aren’t in last place, it will simply fly away).

What is the max level in Dokapon Kingdom?

Job Level: When you sign up for a new job, it starts at level 1. You level up your job by winning battles, either by defeating your opponent or by your opponent giving up; for every seven battles won, your job level increases by one, up to a maximum of six.

How do you beat the darkling?

The simplest and most effective way to kill the Darkling is to soul fire yourself until you reach 999 damage, then attack until one of you is dead, preferably him. Another effective trick is to enter a town with a monster (preferably one that can’t cast debuffs) and begin buffing up, as long as you don’t kill the monster, you’ll stay alive.

How do I get Alchemist dokapon?

Alchemist is a Dokapon Kingdom job class that can be obtained after mastering both the Thief and Magician jobs.

How do you become a hero in Dokapon Kingdom?

In Dokapon Kingdom, Hero is a Job class that can be obtained after mastering Spellsword, Ninja, Acrobat, and obtaining the Hero License. Note that mastering Spellsword and Ninja also means mastering all three starting classes.

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Does Rico Jr counter?

Rico Jr., like most bosses and other story battles, will automatically counter when you use strike.

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