FAQ: How Is The Separation Demonstrated In The Novel Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s Journey Themes

Lourdes believes she is acting responsibly by traveling to the United States for work, but her children immediately feel the pangs of separation; overall, the family unit is endangered, and this is one of Nazario’s overall points. In the book, Enrique is abandoned by every significant parental figure in his life.
Enrique’s journey is one of suffering and fear, of pain and longing; we follow in Enrique’s footsteps as he overcomes each obstacle through the lens of the author’s narration; Lourdes makes the difficult decision to leave her home, her children, and her only life in the name of love; Nazario’s larger purpose is to examine the various approaches to immigration in the hopes of creating social awareness.

What does the conflict reveal about Enrique?

It chronicles Enrique’s battle with drug addiction, his strained relationship with his mother, and his struggles as a husband and father in a society that is often hostile to illegal immigrants; in many ways, Enrique typifies many of his countrymen who entered the US illegally.

What factors influence people’s decisions to leave their home countries often risking their lives in the process?

Persecution based on ethnicity, religion, race, politics, or culture can force people to flee their country; major factors include war, conflict, government persecution, or the threat of such persecution.

Does Enrique reunite with his mother?

Enrique was a Honduran adolescent who was determined to come to the United States in order to find his mother, who had abandoned him when he was five years old; he was eventually reunited with his mother, but their relationship was strained.

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What is the message of Enrique’s Journey?

Perseverance and Survival: Much of Enrique’s journey is about overcoming impossible obstacles, confronting extreme danger, and surviving. At the age of 17, Enrique manages to travel from Honduras through 13 of Mexico’s most violent states and cross the border into the United States, thanks in large part to his tenacity.

Why does Enrique turn to drugs for comfort?

He is frustrated by his mother and has many abandonment issues; additionally, a beloved uncle dies, causing him much distress, and he turns to drugs for comfort. Enrique and Belky accept the gifts, but they will never be enough in comparison to their mother’s presence.

What are 2 examples of push factors?

Natural disasters, political revolutions, civil war, and economic stagnation are all examples of “push factors” that encourage people to leave a particular location.

What is the most important factor responsible for migration?

What is the most important factor driving migration? Inadequate human and economic development in the origin country, population growth and urbanization, wars and dictatorships, social factors, and environmental changes are all major contributors to migration.

What are three examples of pull factors?

Better housing, better jobs and opportunities, religious freedom, political freedom, and other factors are examples of pull factors, according to Safeopedia.

What does Enrique expect from his mother once he has found her?

His mother left without telling him when he was very young, and he grew up without her. What does “becomes the quest for the Holy Grail” mean? These children are trying to find something that is extremely difficult to find, if not impossible, and they expect it to be perfect when they find it.

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What happens at the end of Enrique journey?

Finally, she decides to join Enrique in the United States, knowing that if she does so now, her daughter will have a better chance of growing up in America with both of her parents. The book ends in much the same way that it began: with a mother leaving behind her young child, unable to say goodbye.

How old is belky in Enrique’s Journey?

Belky, now nine years old, is enraged by the new baby, fearing that their mother will lose interest in her and Enrique, and that the baby will make it more difficult for her to wire money and save money in order to bring them north.

What does the train symbolize in Enrique’s Journey?

The freight trains that Enrique and countless other migrants ride through Mexico represent deliveranceu2014or at least the promise of salvationu2014because they are a means for migrants to hope for a better life in the more prosperous United States, but they also represent great danger.

What point of view is Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s Journey is told in third person, mostly from Enrique’s perspective, but the author also tells the story through other characters on occasion, allowing the reader to see more of what is going on in the story.

How is this issue presented in my book Enrique’s Journey?

A: In my book, this issue is presented as a choice that mothers must make between living in poverty and abandoning their children; it is the only way out of poverty.

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