FAQ: How Journey Treated Jeff Scott Soto?

JEFF SCOTT SOTO Still Doesn’t Know Why He Was Fired By JOURNEY: ‘It Stinks To Feel Like I Didn’t Matter’

JOURNEY fired Jeff Scott Soto in December 2016. Soto previously sang with Yngwie Malmsteen, and he says of his departure, “I really wanted to wish them well.”
Jeff Beckerman is the lead vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen’s solo and hard rock band TALISMAN, and he was recently voted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It stinks to feel like I didn’t matter. BLABBERMOUTH.NET reserves the right to “hide” comments that may be considered offensive, illegal, or inappropriate.

Why did Jeff Scott Soto leave Yngwie?

“You don’t really work with Yngwie; you work for Yngwie,” says Jeff Scott Soto, who left Yngwie Malmsteen’s band more than three decades ago.

When was Jeff Scott Soto with Journey?

Jeff Scott Soto (born November 4, 1965) is a Puerto Rican-American rock singer who is best known for being the lead vocalist on Yngwie Malmsteen’s first two albums and (briefly) for Journey in 2006u20132007.

Who is fronting Journey?

Pineda, a vocal doppelganger for JOURNEY’s longtime vocalist Steve Perry, has been fronting JOURNEY since 2007 when guitarist Neal Schon discovered him leading a Manila cover band on YouTube. Arnel has helped put JOURNEY back in arenas once again.

What happened to lead singer of Journey?

Perry announced his permanent departure from Journey, with Steve Augeri of Tall Stories taking over his lead vocal duties. Journey began touring nearly two years after the initial release of Trial by Fire.

How did Jeff comedian died?

Jeff Scott, a legendary performer at The Comedy Store, died on Tuesday, January 12th, after suffering from age-related issues. The 86-year-old was a legendary performer at The Comedy Store, a famous American comedy club.

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How much does Arnel Pineda make?

Arnel Pineda is a Filipino singer and songwriter from Manila who rose to prominence in the Philippines during the 1980s and internationally in 2007 as the new lead singer of the American rock band Journey. As of 2021, Arnel Pineda’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Is Arnel Pineda still with Journey?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Journey frontman Arnel Pineda has been back at his home in Manila, the Philippines, since early 2020, but that hasn’t stopped him from working on the band’s new album remotely.

Is Steve Perry back with Journey 2020?

Journey’s former frontman Steve Perry will never reunite with the band, and here’s why. The American rock band Journey has cemented their legacy in the world of classic rock music, with songs like “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Faithfully” whose lyrics have been sung for generations.

Why did Steve Augeri leave Journey?

Augeri never made it through the Generations tour: Journey dropped him due to a chronic throat infection, and accusations of lip-synching swirled. Cain arrived later in the process and finished Generations with some additional songs and co-writing tweaks.

Did Steve Perry ever marry?

Perry had never married because he was afraid of what he had seen his parents go through. However, one of the cancer survivors who appeared briefly in the film, Kellie Nash, a psychologist who had undergone treatment, caught Perry’s attention.

Is Steve Perry related to Katy Perry?

Stephen Ray Perry, best known as the lead singer of the rock band Journey, is widely assumed to be a close relative of Katy Perry, but the two are unrelated.

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