FAQ: How To Change The Furnace On A 2003 Winnebago Journey?

RV Furnace – Read This Before Buying or Replacing One

The best RV furnace is one that will work for you and your needs, and the output should also be adequate for the size of your RV. One is a must read before you go down to your local camper supply store or purchase one online. Your furnace is the main source of heat for your RV and should keep your RV warm and comfortable during the cooler months.

Where Is My RV furnace located?

There should be a large cold air return grille (not the ones in the ceiling) somewhere inside the trailer, and the furnace should be behind it, which we found under the refrigerator door.

Does a RV furnace have a filter?

The simple answer is that most RV furnaces do not come with air filters. If you are unsure whether your furnace has an air filter, consult the owner’s manual for your RV furnace. If your furnace does not come with an air filter, do not attempt to install one as it will interfere with the proper operation of your RV’s furnace.

How long will an RV furnace last?

A gallon of propane is equivalent to approximately 92,000 BTUs, so if your furnace runs at 30,000 BTUs, a gallon of propane will last just over three hours.

Why Is My RV furnace not working?

Check to see if your battery is sending 12 Volts to the furnace unit, and check the breaker box to see if the furnace breaker or fuse has blown. Next, double-check the vents for any signs of dust or soot buildup.

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Does my RV furnace have a pilot light?

Many new RV furnaces use a direct spark ignition system instead of a pilot light, so the problem is most likely in the furnace assembly. Parts like the sail switch, limit switch, blower motor, circuit board, or burner assembly can all cause issues, but should only be replaced by a qualified technician.

Why is my camper furnace blowing cold air?

u201cLow battery voltage is a common cause of the furnace blowing cold air. Unlike a residential furnace, which starts blowing after the plenum has warmed up, an RV furnace starts blowing right away, which can happen if the house batteries are weak.

How do I lubricate my RV furnace?

Put a few drops of light viscosity oil, such as sewing machine oil, on the shaft right near the motor to lubricate the bearing. Manually turn the shaft with your hand and the oil should u201cwick in,u201d which you can do a few times.

How does my RV furnace work?

The blower motor and heater are activated when the thermostat is set higher than the temperature of the RV. Propane burns to create hot air, which is then blown through ducts throughout the system. Electricity is required to turn on the system and run the fans.

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