FAQ: Wiring In Dodge Journey How To.Get Through Firewall?

Install advise for a 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad

I’m looking to install a Yaesu FT-8800 and an old-school amplified Motorola speaker in my new 2015 Journey Crossroad, and I’ll be using a dual band window antenna. Window antennas are known as dummy loads, and they won’t work as well as drilling a hole in the roof.
You can simply mount the radio on the passenger side as far forward as possible; a few small holes won’t detract from the value of the vehicle; just leave the screws in when you sell it. You can put the radio under a seat, but not in a storage box. I agree that it belongs on the roof. What about drilling through the “bucket” beneath the passenger seat?

Do grommets hurt?

Grommets, also known as tympanostomy tubes or ventilation tubes, are made of plastic or metal and allow air to enter the middle ear while draining the fluid to the back of the nose and throat.

How do you cut rubber grommets?

If you have wires or other parts running through your rubber grommet on the inside of an application medium, such as the inside of an electronic device, you can carefully cut it out with a razor blade if you can’t squeeze it out with a flathead screwdriver.

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