Have Gun Will Travel Radio Cast?

Have Gun Will Travel radio shows?

The Have Gun – Will Travel radio show broadcast 106 episodes on the CBS Radio Network between November 23, 1958, and November 27, 1960. It was one of the last radio dramas featuring continuing characters and the only significant American radio adaptation of a television series.

Have guns will travel the debutante cast?


  • Richard Boone. Paladin.
  • Robert Emhardt. Powers.
  • Wayne Rogers. Daniel.
  • Gale Garnett. Prudence.
  • Kam Tong. Hey Boy.
  • Eleanor Audley. Mrs. Quincy.
  • L.Q. Jones. Hector.

Has Gun Will Travel Calamity Jane?

Martha Jane Conroy aka Calamity Jane is at rock bottom. With the help of an old friend, Paladin, she tries to recoup some losses from her former business partner.

Has Gun Will Travel Old Time Radio Show?

Have Gun Will Travel was a Western Adventure radio show that started on ABC on November 1958, just a year after its television version aired. At first, the scripts for the radio show were derived from that of the television show, making the episodes in sync with one another.

What is Paladin’s real name?

Clay Alexander

What episode has Gun Will Travel the debutante?

Debutante. Mrs Quincy longs to see her granddaughter who has been away since she was six. When her daughter and husband died in the mine fields, she was taken in. Now betrothed to be married, Paladin is hired to ensure she is this long lost relative.

Who was Paladin?

Richard Boone, the actor best known for his role as the hired gun Paladin in the ”Have Gun Will Travel” television series, is dead at the age of 63.Travel

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