High School Summer Travel Abroad Programs?

What are the best high school study abroad programs?

The 10 Best High School Study Abroad Programs

  • Educational Camps Abroad: Language and Cultural Immersion in Europe.
  • UWC España Action x Change Summer Program.
  • Sol Abroad: High School Program in Mexico.
  • Global Works: Costa Rica Summer Service Adventures.
  • School of the World: Adventure of a Lifetime in Guatemala.
  • World Class Programs: Explore Authentic Japan this Summer.

How do you travel abroad in high school?

12 safe—and fun—study abroad programs for high school students

  1. Study Spanish in Costa Rica with SPI Study Abroad.
  2. Study French in France with AFS Intercultural Programs.
  3. Travel Across South Africa with Westcoast Connection.
  4. Spend a Summer in Senegal with Where There Be Dragons.
  5. Explore Past and Present in Cambodia with API.

What is the best year to study abroad in high school?

Also, you most likely don’t want to study abroad your senior year because this may make applying to colleges difficult, and this is also often the last year you have to be in school with many of your current friends. Sophomore and junior years are often the best time to study abroad.

What are programs in high school?

In simple terms, a high school completion program is exactly what it sounds like—a program in which students receive a high school diploma in preparation for university entrance in the United States. These programs are typically offered by community colleges.Travel

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