Horizon Zero Dawn Golden Fast Travel?

How do I get unlimited fast travel on horizon?

You aren’t able to unlock unlimited fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn until you have progressed through the story to the point where you can pass Daytower to the Western side of the map.

Once you have reached that part of the story you will want to head to the next available Hunting Grounds at Greatrun.

How do you get the golden fast travel pack?

To purchase the Golden Fast Travel Pack you will need 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, and 10 Fatty Meat. Fatty Meat aren’t exceptionally hard to come by, and at this point you should have plenty of Shards collected in your pack.

Can you fast travel horizon zero dawn?

Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn relies on two things. First, you must have discovered Campfires or settlements around the game world. Once you have discovered these locations, they will be marked green on your World Map. You can then select them and press R2 to Fast Travel to them.

How do you get fox skin on horizon?

Horizon Zero Dawn – Where to get Fox Skin, Turkey Skin, RacoonTravel

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