How Did Athena Help Odysseus On His Journey Home?

The Odyssey: Athena’s Assistance

The first five books of the Odyssey, an ancient epic poem, tell the story of brave Telemachus, son of the cunning war strategist Odysseus, and the goddess Athena, who acts as a catalyst to the story of this grand epic through her help and guidance.
In book one of the Odyssey, Athena gives Telemachus hope that his father is still alive, as well as instructions on how to find him. In book two, she ensures that he continues on his quest to find Odysseus. Athena helps Telemachus plan a trip to King Nestor’s palace to learn more about his father, as well as showing her support for Odysseus, who is a hero.

How did Athena help Odysseus on his journey?

In the later books of the Odyssey, she helps him directly by transforming him into an old beggar, and she has also helped Odysseus indirectly by planting ideas in his head and causing the suitors’ javelins to miss their target when Odysseus finally engages them in book 22.

Why does Athena help Odysseus?

Athena sympathizes with Odysseus’ desire to see his wife and homeland, and she admires his humane and domestic side: it is his desire to be with his wife and family that moves Athena the most, so she persuades Zeus to send Hermes to Calypso with the command to give up Odysseus.

What are three ways Athena helps Odysseus?

Athena bestows gifts on young Telemachus and his father, including divine inspiration, trip planning, and social advice.

What are two ways Athena helps Odysseus?

In Book 6 of the Odyssey, Odysseus has left Calypso and arrived on Scheria after many days at sea; one of the ways Athena assists Odysseus is by encouraging the princess, Nausicaa, to wash her clothes at dawn in order to appear more attractive to her suitors.

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What is Athena the god of?

In Greek religion, Athena, also spelled Athene, was the city protectress, goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason, who was identified by the Romans as Minerva. She was essentially urban and civilized, the antithesis of Artemis, goddess of the outdoors, in many ways.

Why did Poseidon not like Odysseus?

Odysseus and his crew were shipwrecked on a mysterious island in order to seek shelter, and when he fell asleep, Odysseus blinded him before he and the rest of his crew snuck out. Poseidon was understandably angry to learn that his son had suffered in this way, and he hated Odysseus even more.

Why is Athena a virgin?

Athena was known as Parthenos (“virgin”) in her form as a warrior maiden because, like her fellow goddesses Artemis and Hestia, she was thought to be perpetually a virgin.

Is Athena in love with Odysseus?

Athena explains why she admires Odysseus: “Their relationship is one of mutual respect, based on their shared skill as talkers and schemers.” Odysseus is championed by Athena not because he is a good man or because he is her devout worshipper, but because they share similar traits.

Who Hated Athena?

Arachne, Poseidon, Ares, The Trojans, and Hephaestus were among Athena’s enemies. One of Athena’s most significant achievements was the creation of the olive tree during the competition for Athens against Poseidon.

Which god or goddess really dislikes Odysseus?

Poseidon, the god of the sea, is furious with Odysseus because of Odysseus’ treatment of Poseidon’s son, the cyclops Polyphemus, who eats a few of Odysseus’ crew and imprisons the rest when Odysseus and his men land on Polyphemus’ island on their journey from Troy to Ithaca.

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How does Athena help Penelope?

u201cCourage! Don’t be overwhelmed by all your direst fears. He travels with such an escort, one that others would pray to stand beside themu201d (B4:L928-930). Athena quickly thinks of another way to help Penelope by becoming a phantom of Iphthime, Penelope’s sister:

What does Athena say and do to Odysseus?

What does Athena advise Odysseus to do? She advises him to stop impersonating Telemachus and devise a plan to kill the suitors alongside him, including a count of all the suitors to see if additional reinforcements are required.

How does Athena convince Telemachus to look for his father?

Athena flatters Telemachus by comparing him to Odysseus, and she also tells him to grow up by telling him to let go of his boyhood. She also talks about Orestes, who avenged his father Aegisthus and achieved great fame, so you could achieve great fame as well.

What is Athena’s two part plan?

Telemachus is involved in both parts of Athena’s plan: first, she promises to inspire Telemachus to hold an assembly in which he addresses the suitors, chastising them for their obnoxious behavior, and second, she intends to persuade Telemachus to travel to Sparta and Pylos in search of news of his father, Odysseus.

Was Athena for or against Odysseus?

Athena forbids escalation of the conflict when their families seek vengeance. Athena does more for Odysseus than just help him reclaim the throne; she restores vitality to both him and his father, and she guides his son in his absence.

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