How Do Bed Bugs Travel Between Apartments?

Can bed bugs travel through apartment walls?

Bed bugs can enter the walls of an infested room via light switches, electrical outlets, and pretty much any cracks or voids present.

Once in the walls, bed bugs can easily travel along electrical wires and plumbing pipes to reach other rooms, or even other apartments.

How do bed bugs spread between apartments?

Bed bugs can spread from surrounding apartments or homes. They are small, and they can travel through the cable’s cavity, ventilation, insulation, any cracks or holes in the walls. Bed bugs can walk out of the front door of one apartment and into another in the same hallway.

How fast can bed bugs travel to other apartments?

Bed bugs can travel 100 feet an hour, so if you have a fellow tenant with bedbugs, there is actually a good chance you’re next.

Can bed bugs travel between houses?

Bed bugs can spread from house to house, living in even the cleanest conditions; bed bugs are not a sign that a person’s home is dirty or unkempt.Travel

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