How Far Do Female Deer Travel?

Once winter conditions have established themselves, deer will travel up to ten to twenty miles in order to reach a big customary wintering habitat that is located just across the border. (See the sidebar for more information.)

What time of day do deer travel the farthest?

Morning is often the time of day when deer travel the most distances in a given hour. This is likely due to the fact that the animals are attempting to return to the safety of their home ranges before it gets too light. I have had the privilege of observing hundreds of deer throughout the day, particularly the ones that make their beds in the grove that is located back our home.

What is the dispersal distance of a mature buck?

For a circular management area to have any interior space at all, it would need to be larger than about 42.5 square miles if, for example, the mean dispersal distance is 3.7 miles (as it was in the Maryland research), which would define the dispersal edge. As a consequence of this, many or maybe the majority of the mature bucks in smaller localities are probably immigrants.

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