How Far Does 12 Gauge Birdshot Travel?

205 yards

How far will 12 gauge shot travel?

200 yards

What is the maximum effective range of a 12 gauge shotgun?

The ones that are used for sports shooting are essentially meant for an effective range of 50 yards. But I have known shooters who load themselves and have achieved 100+ yard range. Spread. The choke in the shotgun determines the spread of the shots.

How far can birdshot shoot?

It is the generally accepted opinion that the No. 7 1/2 shot, used in trap loads, have an extreme maximum range of about 300 yards. Trapshooting ranges should provide this distance for their approximate danger zone.

What distance can a shotgun shoot?

That depends on barrel length, type, choke tube and ammunition. Birdshot is typically used within 50 yards. Rifled slugs in a rifled barrel are good to 100 yards, but modern sabot slugs can be effective up to 200.Travel

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