How Much Do Disney Travel Agents Make?

The average pay for a Disney travel agent is $21,951 a year, according to

That’s at the lower end of the average pay scale for travel agents in general, which ranges from $20,670 to $61,890, according to the U.S.

Department of Labor.

Do travel agents get discounts at Disney?

Disney Travel Agent Rates on Walt Disney World® Resort Hotels (typically 50% off) 1 FREE 1 Day Park Hopper® Ticket to the Walt Disney World® Resort OR an extremely discounted 2 – 10 Day Park Hopper® Ticket (one per year) Travel Agent Rates on Disneyland® Resort Hotels (typically 50% off)

Do Disney planners get paid?

Authorized Disney Vacation Planners are paid commission by Disney on the trips they book, so you’re not paying anything extra.

How do I become a successful Disney travel agent?

Top Tips from Successful Disney Travel Agents

  • It will require a very personal love for all things Disney.
  • Learn how to sell up, especially as your clientele matures.
  • Visit as often as you can.
  • McCoy has traveled with children of various ages (from 3 months up to 19 years), as well as extended family.
  • Develop your personal service value proposition.

How much do travel agents make per booking?

Generally, travel agencies earn 10% of the gross booking and then arrange some sort of commission split between you (the travel agent) and the agency. For example, let’s say you book a family of 5 out to Aspen for Christmas.Travel

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