How Much Does It Cost For The President To Travel?

How much does it cost to fly the president?

The U.S.

Government Accountability Office estimated the total cost at $3.2 billion, and the U.S.

Air Force’s budget for the program is projected to be nearly $4 billion.

In December 2016, Boeing was on contract for preliminary development worth $170 million.

How much does the president cost per year?

President of the United States

President of the United States of America
Formation March 4, 1789
First holder George Washington
Salary $400,000 annually

14 more rows

Which president has traveled the most while in office?

Barack ObamaHe set the record as the most-traveled president for any first year in office: he took the most trips, visited the most countries, and spent the most days abroad.

Does the president get vacation days?

Presidents who have taken a vacation there include Presidents John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.Travel

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