How Safe Is It To Travel To Mexico?

Is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?

Yes! Like any large country, Mexico has safe areas and not-so-safe areas—but despite some common misconceptions, Mexico is absolutely safe to travel to. Get all the specifics here, including which areas of Mexico are safe, which you should skip, where you can drink the water, the best places to travel solo, and more.

Is it safe to travel to Cancun right now?

Yes, Cancun is safe!Of course there are certain areas to avoid in Cancun but it is no different than you being in your own home town where crime is restricted to certain areas. If you don’t go looking for trouble you won’t find trouble.

What places to avoid in Mexico?

Here are 15 places in Mexico that travelers should avoid, and 5 that are super safe!

  • 15 Tepic – Travel Advisory.
  • 16 Acapulco – Dangerous Outside Of Resorts.
  • 17 Coatzacoalcos – Even The Locals Don’t Feel Safe.
  • 18 Celaya – State-Wide Corruption.
  • 19 Ciudad Juárez – Increasing Crime Rate.
  • 20 Mazatlan – Don’t Venture Out At Night.

Is it safe to travel to Cancun 2020?

It’s increasingly risky to travel to Mexico; in fact, the Cancun airport has now shut down terminals 3 and 4, which take international arrivals, and more than 700 foreigners were stranded there and needed humanitarian flights to get out, according to the Yucatan Times, writing on April 1, 2020.

What is the deadliest city in Mexico?

List of cities by murder rate

Rank City Country
1 Tijuana Mexico
2 Acapulco Mexico
3 Caracas Venezuela
4 Ciudad Victoria Mexico
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46 more rows

What should you not do in Mexico?

To avoid such blunders, take a look at our list of the things travelers should avoid doing on a vacation to Mexico.

  1. Don’t drink the water.
  2. Don’t drink on the street.
  3. Don’t reach for the hot sauce.
  4. Don’t be impatient.
  5. Don’t forget to tip.
  6. Don’t criticize Mexican food.
  7. Don’t miss out on the markets.
  8. Don’t flash your valuables.

What should I avoid in Cancun?

10 Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Cancun

  • Exchanging money at the airport.
  • Choosing your hotel by price alone.
  • Taking a taxi at the airport.
  • Buying everything at the listed price.
  • Drinking water from the faucet.
  • Booking tours from stand-alone tour guides.
  • Visiting during Spring Break.
  • Only packing beachwear.

Is Playa del Carmen better than Cancun?

Although Cancún is often thought of as a party spot, there is a lot more to do there than you may think. On the other hand, Playa del Carmen is much quieter and calmer than Cancún. Less of a city, Playa is just beginning to become the hot tourist destination that can be found in Cancún.

How dangerous is Cancun 2019?

The warning arose after the city saw an increase in violent crime as rival gangs battle over territory, although the warning notes that tourists are not targets of this activity. There have also been recent reports of tourists being sickened after drinking tainted alcohol at resorts along Cancun’s Hotel Zone.Travel

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