How To Finish Chapter 1 June’s Journey Blood Test?

How many levels does June’s journey have?

One Chapter is made up of five levels plus an Adventure Scene, and each Volume has a different number of levels. To level up, the player must collect a certain number of flowers.

Who shot June in June’s journey?

June was dating David, a Japanese reporter who investigated a homicide case involving Avery Hayes, who was suspected of being the murderer, while Jack began dating Marie Hamada.

What are the clues in June’s journey?

Clues are special items found while playing Hidden Object Scenes that reveal a little more about the mystery June and her friends are attempting to solve. If you find a clue, it will be highlighted when the Hidden Object Scene is completed.

How do I get to the next level on June’s journey?

You must complete the Adventure Scene in the previous chapter, as well as meet a certain Flower level requirement, in order to unlock the next chapter in June’s Journey. To earn more Flowers and increase your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island.

Are there any cheats for June’s journey?

Are there any June’s Journey cheats? You can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in the game; these cheat codes aren’t even real cheat codes; they’re just a random string of numbers, letters, and characters that can’t be entered anywhere else in the game, so don’t waste your time with them.

What are the diamonds for in June’s journey?

Diamonds are extremely valuable and can be used to speed up timers, purchase missing materials, and Energy refills. They are earned in small amounts and can be purchased in larger amounts in the Shop.

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Is there a volume 3 in June’s journey?

Chapter 20 of Volume 3: On the Run is now available!

What comes after Sunflower Island in June’s journey?

If you’ve completed all of Sunflower Island and Orchid Island, you can now begin decorating Laurel Island with your Compasses! Have fun on your adventure, Detectives!

How do you get free energy in June’s journey?

There are a few options for getting more:

  1. Energy regenerates 1 unit of Energy every 2 minutes until your bar is full.
  2. Energy refills can be purchased in the Shop.
  3. Energy is occasionally awarded in Star Boxes.
  4. Bonus Energy is occasionally awarded after playing a Hidden Object Scene.

Why does June’s journey keep telling me to decorate?

If you notice an increase in the number of flowers next to June’s face, it’s because you’ve stored a lot of decorations in which those flowers have also stored. Try bringing some decorations back from storage to your island to see if the number decreases.

Will there be a volume 5 in June’s journey?

On July 1st, Volume 5 will be released!

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