How To Travel With Wine?

Driving is the most convenient mode of transportation for transporting wine. In this manner, you will essentially be able to carry one or two cases. or even more, if you so choose. Take note, though, that an open bottle of wine that still has the cork in it is often considered an open container (check local laws). Put it somewhere that you won’t be able to get to easily, like the trunk.


  1. Bubble wrap the wine bottle, then place it in the box.
  2. Put it inside of a bag that has a ziplock
  3. Place another layer of bubble wrap on top of the ziplock bag
  4. Put your clothing into the suitcase with the hard sides
  5. Place the bottle in a secure position in the middle of the luggage and between all of your other belongings

According to Glancy, ″I travel quite a bit for the seminars and conferences that the Society of Wine Educators hosts.″ ″My strategy has been to carefully wrap each bottle in heavy clothes that I’ve packed, such as trousers or sweaters. I make sure to do this as thoroughly as possible.″

How many bottles of wine can you bring on a plane?

Advice for the TSA and Customs. You are allowed to travel with an unlimited amount of alcohol in your checked bag, as long as each bottle is under 24 percent alcohol by volume, which includes wine, and fits within the airline’s weight regulations. Keep in mind that the TSA is only responsible for airport security and the regulation of continental travel.

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Why do you drink wine on holiday?

When you pop the cork on a bottle of high-quality wine or spirits that you picked up on your travels, it might bring back fond memories that go beyond the enjoyment of the wine itself. As a result of this, I almost never come back from trips abroad without bringing a few bottles of various one-of-a-kind and rare drops with me.

What is a winewine suitcase?

Wine suitcases are specialized types of bags that were developed expressly for the purpose of transporting wine bottles by airplane. They are not always less expensive than local shipping, but they often are, particularly if you travel frequently for business or pleasure and frequently purchase wine.

Is it possible to ship wine internationally?

You are going to have to lay the majority of your trust in the wineries that you travel to and cross your fingers that they have an established international wine shipping business. The issue of cost also needs to be taken into consideration. The majority of the time, I have discovered that the prices of the international wine shipping services are nearly unreasonably high.

How many bottles of wine can you take on a plane?

When traveling with wine, compliance with local regulations need to be a top priority on your mind. Within the nations that make up the European Union, each individual is allowed a duty-free limit of 90 liters (or 60 for sparkling wine), which is comparable to the purchase of 120 standard-sized bottles of wine (you never know – you could discover a wine that you really enjoy).

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Is it safe to carry wine in a backpack?

I have tried this, and while it did not work for me, some of my friends managed to accidentally dye all of their clothing a beautiful red wine color when they were attempting the same technique. Putting wine in a backpack without the right sides to protect it is about the same as putting it in a plastic shopping bag as far as its level of security is concerned.

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