Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico Right Now 2018?

Is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?

Generally, Mexico is a safe place to travel. The country is artsy, colorful, and full of incredible eats. However, like most places around the world, Mexico has seen cases of coronavirus.

Is it safe to travel to Cancun Mexico right now?

Yes, Cancun is safe!I will say it again that many popular European destinations fall under the same travel warning but they do not have the same stigma that Mexico has when it comes to crime. DO NOT allow the U.S. media to shape your thoughts and views of Cancun because they are not only misleading but wrong!

What should I avoid in Mexico?

To avoid such blunders, take a look at our list of the things travelers should avoid doing on a vacation to Mexico.

  • Don’t drink the water.
  • Don’t drink on the street.
  • Don’t reach for the hot sauce.
  • Don’t be impatient.
  • Don’t forget to tip.
  • Don’t criticize Mexican food.
  • Don’t miss out on the markets.
  • Don’t flash your valuables.

What parts of Mexico are dangerous?

To see 10 dangerous cities in Mexico you should avoid visiting, keep reading!

  1. 3 Tijuana.
  2. 4 Culiacán.
  3. 5 Uruapan.
  4. 6 Tepic.
  5. 7 Coatzacoalcos.
  6. 8 Acapulco.
  7. 9 Celaya.
  8. 10 Ciudad Juárez. Ciudad Juárez is a city located in the northern part of Mexico, close to El Paso, Texas.


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