Is It Safe To Travel To Nicaragua 2018?

Reconsider travel to Nicaragua due to civil unrest, crime, limited healthcare availability, and arbitrary enforcement of laws.

On September 12, 2018, the U.S.

Department of State lifted the ordered departure of non-emergency U.S.

government personnel and family members.

Is it safe to vacation in Nicaragua?

If you’re not going to participate in protests or go near to cities, it’s more than reasonable to visit Nicaragua. It may not look it, but Nicaragua is as safe as any other Central American destination civil unrest aside. It’s a beautiful country, to be sure, and for many will be worth the risk.

Is Nicaragua safe in 2020?

1. Re: Nicaragua safe to travel to in 2020? The safety question gets asked a lot. The brief answer is: yes, it is safe.

Can I travel to Nicaragua?

If you decide to travel to Nicaragua: Consider arrangements to depart the country quickly. Ensure your U.S. passport is valid and available for a quick departure from the country, if needed. Avoid demonstrations and restrict unnecessary travel.

How dangerous is Nicaragua?

Violent crime, including armed robbery and sexual assault, occurs. You should pay particular attention in tourist areas including the Corn Islands, Granada, Managua and San Juan del Sur.Travel

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