Is Travel Insurance A Good Idea?

Travel insurance comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and so does the premium you will pay.

Buying your cover from your travel agent when you book may seem like a good idea, but in some cases these policies do not offer you the cover you need, and can be a lot more expensive than policies available elsewhere.

Is it worth it to buy trip insurance?

Since you have not pre-paid any expensive non-refundable trip costs, you are not concerned with trip cancellation or interruption coverage. Buying travel insurance would give you coverage for lost baggage and travel delays, but this coverage alone might not be worth the cost.

Is travel insurance a waste of money?

Travel insuranceThere’s protection against canceled trips, interrupted trips, medical expenses and many other risks. Travel insurance can be a waste of money if your policy is riddled with exclusions, or you choose a policy that doesn’t cover the risks you are likely to encounter.

When should you buy travel insurance?

The best time to buy travel insurance is within 15 days of making the first deposit on your trip, since buying early can often qualify you for bonus coverages. However, many plans let you buy coverage up until the day before you leave.

Why is it important to have travel insurance?

Why is it important to have travel insurance? By taking out travel insurance you are essentially covering yourself against travel risks such as lost or stolen luggage, cancellation cover (should you not be able to travel due to unexpected medical reasons) and most importantly, unexpected medical costs abroad.Travel

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