Mary And Joseph Travel To Bethlehem?

Why did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?

Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem because of a Roman census and Bethlehem was Joseph’s home town.

Mary went with Joseph and she gave birth when they reached Bethlehem.

Many people were traveling because of the census and they couidn’t find a Motel 6 because it was 2000 years ago.

Did Mary have to go with Joseph to Bethlehem?

This also meant that Joseph and the very pregnant Mary would have had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, as this was town that Joseph’s family (the royal family of David) originally came from – a journey of about 70 miles (112 kilometres). Most houses would have been shared with the animals that the family kept.

What route did Mary and Joseph take to Bethlehem?

They had to travel 90 miles to the city of Joseph’s ancestors: south along the flatlands of the Jordan River, then west over the hills surrounding Jerusalem, and on into Bethlehem. “It was a fairly grueling trip,” said Strange, who annually leads an excavation team at the ancient city of Sepphoris, near Nazareth.

Where did Mary and Joseph go after Bethlehem?

In Matthew’s Gospel, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus left Bethlehem and travelled to Egypt. After Herod died, they began the return journey to their home in Bethlehem but never got there, turning aside and heading north to Galilee, where they settled in a town called Nazareth.Travel

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