Misuse Of Government Travel Card Punishment?

What is considered misuse of the GTCC?

Some examples of misuse uncovered by Inspector General audits include using the GTCC to pay for adult entertainment, gambling, any expenses for other than the cardholder (with the exception of authorized expenses for dependents when on PCS or permanent duty-related travel), and excessive ATM cash withdrawals for

What can I use my GTC for during PCS?

Based on the guidance we quoted above, you should use your GTCC for all official travel-related expenses. That includes things like your airfare, rental car, lodging, meals (yes – even meals!), parking, taxi fares, and all other travel-related costs you incur during a TDY (and a PCS, if your Component permits).

What can government travel card be used for?

Your government travel card is a tool that assists you in the performance of your duties. You must use the card only for authorized expenses incurred in connection with official travel orders that are approved in the agency travel management system.

Can you use government travel card during PCS?

Use is mandatory for all personnel (military or civilian) to pay for ALL official travel costs for TDY and PCS (where applicable). The travel card is intended for official travel-related use only and using the card for personal purchases or to cover another traveler’s expenses is prohibited.Travel

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