Often asked: How Does The Odyssey And The Cruelest Journey Relate?

An Analysis Of Odysseus And The Cruelest Journey

Odysseus is lost at sea and cursed by the gods after fighting in Troy. Odysseus tries to find his love, Tiresias, and sees the ghost of his mother Anticlea, a woman he loved greatly. This is a pivotal point in the book and makes it very clear that his power is not as large as he thinks.

What is the purpose of the cruelest journey?

Kira Salak is a young woman who has a history of taking on impossible tasks. She grew up idolizing Mungo Park’s exploits and set herself the daunting goal of retracing his fatal journey down West Africa’s Niger river for 600 miles to Timbuktu.

Why is Odysseus journey important?

In his quest to return home to Ithaca, Odysseus’ travels and many dangerous experiences become an epic journey in which he functions as the epic hero.

Who is the main character in the cruelest journey?

Kira Salk, the main character and author of The Cruelest Journey, travels to the Niger River, where she uses her own knowledge to overcome obstacles and learn the next task.

What type of writing was the cruelest journey?

THE CRUELEST JOURNEY: Six Hundred Miles to Timbuktu by Kira Salak, Author. National Geographic $26 (256 pages) ISBN 0-7922-9790-3

What is the message in the cruelest journey?

The Cruelest Journey is an unputdownable story as well as a meditation on courage and self-mastery by an unrivaled young adventurer whose writing is as thrilling as her life.

How long did the cruelest journey last?

National Geographic Books, 2004: an account of her 600-mile journey down the Niger River from Old Segou, Mali, to Timbuktu, following the route taken by explorer Mungo Park.

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What does Odysseus journey symbolize?

Because Odysseus is far from Ithaca and the only way home is by sea, he shows a lack of judgment by blinding Poseidon’s son Polyphemus, incurring the wrath of the sea god Poseidon.

What does Odysseus learn from his journey?

What lessons did Odysseus learn from each place he visited in Homer’s Odyssey? In the Odyssey, Odysseus learns to avoid selfish pleasures like pride, drugged leisure, living with women other than his wife, and living in a dreamworld.

What is the main message of The Odyssey?

Three major themes run through this epic poem: hospitality, loyalty, and vengeance.

What is ironic about the authors arrival in Timbuktu?

What is ironic about her arrival in Timbuktu? Her arrival is ironic because she is not only stopped by a fishnet while Timbuktu is visible, but she also does not feel great about it.

Why did Kira Salak go on her journey?

Salak decides to kayak the journey alone in the hopes of recapturing Park’s sense of wonder and determination; her journey is deeply personal, and she shares her fears, triumphs, and thoughts with the reader along the way, making it an accessible, involving journey for her audience.”

What reasons does Salak give for making this trip?

Answer: She wanted to recapture Mungo Park’s sense of wonder and determination. Explanation: Salak chose to travel alone on a kayak in order to recapture Mungo Park’s sense of wonder and determination. Salak’s journey was deeply personal, and she used it to share her fears.

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Is the Niger River in Nigeria?

The river enters Nigeria along the Benin border, then turns south toward the Atlantic, forming the Niger delta, an important ecological and commercial zone where the river meets the Atlantic. The delta is currently a major site for petroleum production in Nigeria.

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