Often asked: How Old Is Kino In Kino’s Journey?


Kino is the protagonist of Kino no Tabi (Kino’s Adventure).


Kino is a beige-skinned adolescent with dark green eyes and short dark green hair who wears a white blouse with a dark olive green military-styled jacket and matching pants, as well as a belt with bags and a holster for their guns.


The Kino’s voice makes a reference to “a name of a flower that if changed could become a bad word” in episode 11 “Country of Adults.”

Is Kino from Kino’s Journey a girl?

Kino’s sex is ambiguous at first in the anime, but it is revealed to be female in the fourth episode, when she meets Hermes and borrows the name “Kino” from another traveler. She is skilled in combat, carrying both guns and knives, and is used to life as a traveler.

Is Kino a non binary?

Kino becomes a nonbinary, AFAB anime character who isn’t a robot, alien, or sentient rock, but a human being, thanks to the choices made by this adaptation. One of the issues in English subtitling is the indirect nature of Japanese as a language.

Is Kino no Tabi finished?

On Thursday, Sato’s manga adaptation of Keiichi Sigsawa’s Kino no Tabi – the Beautiful World ( Kino’s Journey ) light novel series concluded in Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine’s February 2020 issue.

What happened to Shizu in Kino’s Journey?

When they meet up again, Kino opts out of killing Shizu and instead teams up with him to overthrow another country’s tyranny, despite the fact that they had initially chosen opposing sides.

What was Kino’s old name?

Sakura was most likely her birth name, as Kino’s voice mentions in episode 11 “Country of Adults” that “a name of a flower that if changed could become a bad word.”

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What is the point of Kino’s Journey?

Kino’s Journey follows the protagonist as she travels across a mystical world, spending three days in each country she visits to learn about their unique customs; her only companion and only other recurring character is her Motorrad, a talking motorcycle named Hermes.

What anime characters are non-binary?

Anime Characters Who Aren’t Binary

  • Astolfo – Fate Apocrypha. Astolfo is intersex because he has both male and female physical characteristics.
  • Boogiepop – Boogiepop wa Waranai. Boogiepop is agender.
  • Crona – Soul Eater.
  • Desmond – Carole and Tuesday.
  • Kino – Kino’s Journey.
  • Luca – Kanata no Astra.

What gender is Crona from Soul Eater?

Crona Gorgon is a non-binary character from the Soul Eater video game.

Does Astolfo identify as a boy?

The thing is, Astolfo does not consider himself a boy; in their profile for the Fate/Apocrypha novel, their first appearance, they have crossed out their gender, stating that it is a secret, and the Japanese release also uses gender neutral language whenever possible.

Will there be a season 2 of Kino no Tabi?

“So it shouldn’t be considered a sequel or a second season; it should be considered a completely new remake.” While the 2017 reboot isn’t a direct sequel to the 2003 anime, it’s also not a complete remake because it includes new stories from later volumes.

Is Kino’s Travels good?

Overall, Kino’s Journey is a very nice show, but it’s not one that the average anime fan will enjoy. Personally, I enjoy slice-of-life anime, and Kino’s Journey is one of the best I’ve ever seen, earning it a (rare) very high recommendation.

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Which anime is Kino from?

Kino (, Kinosup>?/sup>) is the protagonist of Kino’s Journey; she is a composed, stoic, and precocious adolescent who travels with her motorbike, Hermes, in search of a country with specific characteristics.

Is Kino’s Journey on Netflix?

Sorry, Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series: Season 1 isn’t available on Netflix in the United States, but it’s simple to unlock and watch in the United States!

Is there romance in Kino’s Journey?

Kino is a girl, though the anime and the original novels don’t reveal this until much later in their stories; the first episode, where a possible romance with a male character is mentioned, is a hint, though it’s barely noticeable.

Is Kino’s Journey the Beautiful World a remake?

Kino’s Journey has been adapted into anime for well over a decade, but this season brought us an unexpected remake with Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World.

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