Often asked: How To Adjust Headlights On 2014 Dodge Journey?

How to adjust headlights on Dodge Journey ?

We’ll go over why you should adjust your high beams and how to do it, then we’ll go over how to adjust both high beams and the color of your car’s headlamps.

Why adjust the headlights of your Dodge Journey?

Adjusting your car’s headlights is a great idea; for many of us, our headlights are adjusted well enough, and they appear to light up enough at night; so let’s start with the advantages of adjusting your Dodge Journey’s headlights.

Adjusting the high beams of your Dodge Journey for safety

Headlight adjustment on a Dodge Journey is required for basic safety reasons; if you don’t see well enough, you risk missing an obstacle on the road or misjudging a curve; as a result, it is critical for both others and yourself to have an ideal headlight adjustment.

Adjusting the headlights of a Dodge Journey for legal reasons

There is a law that regulates the power and adjustment of motor vehicle headlights (articles R313-2 of the Highway Code), and it states that they must have between 2 and 4 headlights that illuminate at least 100 meters. Another law, the European one (directive 76/756/EEC), regulates their use and states that there is no maximum height for headlight adjustment.

How to adjust the headlights of a Dodge Journey?

How do you adjust a car’s headlights?

Preparations to adjust the headlights of a Dodge Journey

To adjust your high beams in good working order, remove all unnecessary weight from the vehicle, only one person should be in the driver’s seat, check your tire pressure carefully, and make sure the height adjustment knob for the lights is set to 0.

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The headlight adjustment of his Dodge Journey

To adjust the fog lights on your Dodge Journey, open the hood and locate the screws for horizontal and vertical headlight modification. Back up to a distance of 7 to 10 meters before turning on the dipped beam setting and ensuring that both parts of the cross are horizontal.

Where are the headlight adjustment screws?

Most adjustment screws are clearly marked on the top and side of the light housing; if you can’t find them, consult your owner’s manual. It should be noted that some manufacturers have placed the adjustment screws behind the headlight housing in the engine compartment.

How do I level my headlights?

To find the centers of the low-beam headlights, pull the car as close to the wall as possible and turn on your lights. Mark both spots with a single piece of horizontal tape running through the middle. Make the vertical tape marker about two feet long, again running through the center of the low-beams.

How do you turn the lights off in a Dodge Journey?

In a 2019 Dodge Journey, scroll the dimmer wheel to the right of the headlight switch downward to turn off the interior lights.

Can you fix headlight adjustment screws?

Their adjustment screws, on the other hand, can wear out over time or break in accidents, making it difficult to align and aim your headlights properly. The fix is simple, though dealing with a broken screw is easier if you have at least some experience working on cars.

How do you remove headlight adjustment screws?

If the adjuster is broken, pull it out with a screwdriver and remove it with a Phillips screwdriver, as well as the plastic cap covering the base of each screw. If the plastic has broken, check inside the headlight for any leftover fragments.

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How do you check headlight alignment?

The center of both plus signs should be the same height, so use a tape measure to check. One line should go vertically from the top of the circle to the bottom, and the other should go horizontally from side to side; where the two lines meet in the middle is the centre of your headlights.

How much does headlight adjustment cost?

Average cost of headlight alignment Based on our research, it appears that having your headlights adjusted by a professional can cost anywhere between $25 and $60; however, in many cases, the headlights do not need to be adjusted and there will be another issue causing your headlights to aim incorrectly.

How far should low beams shine?

Q: How far should your low-beam headlights shine? A: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), low-beam headlights illuminate a distance of about 160 feet.

What setting should car lights be on?

When visibility is poor, use your headlights; if you can’t see 500 to 1000 feet (150 to 305 meters) ahead of you, your headlights must be turned on. Always use your headlights at night; use the low beams when other vehicles are nearby and the high beams in all other circumstances.

How do you adjust the headlights on a 2013 Dodge Journey?

If you want to take a measurement, get close to and in front of the headlight and measure from the ground up to the center of the headlight (write that number down). Now turn on the headlights (low beam) and walk up to the surface and measure from the ground up to the center of the beam (write that number down).

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