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How to create a customer journey map? | Smaply Blog

We created a step-by-step explanation on how to create an online customer journey map in this article. The structure of this article follows the steps of the general journey mapping process that a team needs to go through step-by-step.

Introduction and video summary

Many people are unsure where to begin when it comes to mapping the customer experience, but it’s much easier than you might think if you know where to look. Smaply Capture has workshop templates for journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps on our website.

Step 1: Choose a scope for your journey map

A high-level journey map provides an overview of an end-to-end experience, whereas a more detailed map focuses on one step of a higher-level journey. If your goal is to work on a specific idea or challenge, focusing on a key part can be useful.

Step 2: Choose a persona

The second step is to create a persona for your journey, which is a fictional character that helps to understand groups of people who have similar behavior patterns.

Step 3: Define the steps of your journey map

A step is any experience the main actor or persona has, and a step can be an interaction with another person, a machine, or a digital interface. The level of detail of each step is determined by the journey map’s overall scale.

A Storyboard for better understanding

Sometimes all you need is a quick storyboard to create a comprehensive and engaging journey map. Storyboards represent the sequence of steps using icons, photos, screenshots, or scribbles. Visuals for each step help give a comprehensive overview of the entire journey and allow for faster navigation.

Texts & Descriptions offer room for more details

You can also use them to track pain points, requirements, tasks, KPIs, ideas, improvements, key learnings, and opportunities, among other things.

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Channels of communication show the way of interaction

Specifying the channel (e.g., face-to-face, telephone, online, etc.) a customer uses at each step helps us understand cross-channel experiences, and a list of alternative channels allows you to compare experiences across different channels.

Emotional values give insights about the persona’s satisfaction

Emotional journeys are graphs that depict a persona’s level of satisfaction at each step, using a simple 5-point scale ranging from very negative (-2) to indifferent (0) to very positive (2). For example, a standard customer service may be perceived as indifferent, whereas a super kind customer service may be perceived as very positive and result in high satisfaction.

A dramatic arc to show the persona’s engagement 

A dramatic arc is a graph that depicts the level of engagement, arousal, or importance at each step on a 5-point scale, with moments of “thrill” (high engagement) and moments of chill (positive or negative) – both of which can be positive or negative.

Step 5: Analyze your journey map

You can better understand the customer experience and take steps to improve it by analyzing your customer journey map. Each journey map is unique, depending on its scope, context, and the persona who is experiencing it, but there are some elements to consider when analyzing a customer journey map.

Get an overview

Examine your customer journey map and try to gain a holistic understanding of the entire journey; can you already spot any oddities or anomalies? Is there anything surprising? Try to highlight what steps are especially important in the various stages or phases of the journey.

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Identify pain points and room for improvement

Examine the various channels in your customer journey map; is there a pattern that bad experiences always occur in conjunction with a specific channel? For example, how long does it take to get from start to finish when something happens over the phone?

Analyze the reasons of bad experiences

We show you how to analyze your customer journey map in this tutorial; now it’s up to you to create your own journey map using our online customer journey mapping tool!

How do I load a journey map?

JourneyMap will be loaded for you if you place the jar file in the mods directory and use the Forge profile in your Minecraft Launcher.

How do you use a journey map in Minecraft?

The JourneyMap mod is a great live mapper that’s very easy to use. It has a nice, clean interface and is very detailed both in the minimap and full map. Simply press ‘J’ to bring up the full map and options menu. The minimap can be toggled to any corner you prefer and can even be toggled off with a hotkey.

Does JourneyMap cause lag?

Other more serious causes of lag may be hidden in what your other mods are attempting to do at the same time as JourneyMap is running, so just because JourneyMap appears to lag doesn’t mean it is the cause of lag.

What is Journey map Mod?

JourneyMap is a techbrew mod that allows you to view real-time in-game mapping as a minimap, fullscreen map, in a web browser, iPad, or Android tablet. There are two versions of JourneyMap: FairPlay and Unlimited.

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Does JourneyMap need Forge?

JourneyMap is installed using the Forge Mod Loader, as is the case with most mods these days. Once Forge is installed and running, you can move on to actually getting JourneyMap up and running! Check out our in-depth Forge tutorial to ensure you get Forge up and running correctly!

How do you zoom in on a journey map?

How do you make zoom maps?

  1. Go to the high-level journey map (zoom-out journey map) and to the step that should lead to the detailed journey map
  2. Use the sharing manager to generate a URL that leads to the detailed journey map (zoom-in journey map).

What am I looking at Curseforge?

Waila (What Am I Looking At) is a UI enhancement mod that provides block information directly in-game, without the need to open an UI, by displaying a small, unobtrusive tooltip on top of the screen with information about the block the player is looking at.

How do I show mobs on journey map?

Press M to bring up the fullscreen map, and then click the zombie/skeleton head somewhere in the top bar to activate the feature.

Is Journey map mod client side?

JourneyMap is a Forge client server mod that maps your Minecraft world in real-time as you explore it, and you can view it in a web browser, in-game as a Minimap, or full-screen.

Does journey map 1.16 Work?

JourneyMap 5.7. 1 for Minecraft 1.16. x is now available, thanks to the efforts of @mysticdrew_ and @gdude2002.

Are map mods client side?

This mod is primarily client-side, with some server-side features such as world identification available as an option.

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