Often asked: How To Solve Uconnect Is Not Available On 2010 Journey?

How to Reset Your Uconnect® System

If your Chrysler UConnect app is freezing up, not connecting to your phone, or glitching, it may need to be reset. Learn how to reset your Chrysler UConnect app with Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT.

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You can always schedule a service appointment with Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram near Beavercreek to have your UConnect reset. Resetting your Chrysler UConnect is a relatively simple process, but you should proceed with caution because if you do it incorrectly, you risk wiping out any upgrades.

Five Easy Steps to Reset UConnect®

Depending on your vehicle, there are several ways to reset your UConnect system; these instructions are for UConnect software version 8.4; if you have a different UConnect version, check with your dealer to see if these resetting instructions still apply.

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What to do when it says Uconnect not available?

If the phone isn’t currently compatible, that could be the cause of the pairing issues; our uConnect team can help troubleshoot by calling 1-877-855-8400 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do you reset the Uconnect on a 2010 Dodge Journey?

How To Reset UConnect On A Dodge Journey

  1. Hold the VOLUME and TUNE buttons together for about 10 seconds or until the screen goes black.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the screen to load back up.
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What does it mean when your car says not equipped with Uconnect?

“If your vehicle is not equipped with or this feature is not available on your vehicle, a ‘Not Equipped With UConnect’ message will display on the radio screen,” according to the paragraph in the “Phone Button (UConnect Hands Free Phone) – If Equipped” section of your owner’s manual.

Why won’t my phone connect to my Dodge Journey?

Pull the Hands Free fuse, and the phone should now connect to the Journey’s Unconnect and bluetooth. If the reset fails, check for software updates or faulty wiring behind the dash.

How do I reset Uconnect?

UConnectu00ae Reset in Five Easy Steps

  1. Ensure your vehicle is in park and in “Run” mode.
  2. Press and hold the volume and tuner knob buttons at the same time.
  3. Hold the knobs down for 10 u2013 20 seconds.
  4. The screen should flash your vehicle’s brand name and then go dark after holding down the knobs.

How do I make Uconnect available?

From the comfort of your driver’s seat, sign up for the available Uconnectsup>u00ae/sup> Access 14 service.

  1. Push the Assist button on your rearview mirror from inside your vehicle.
  2. Select the Uconnectu00ae Care icon on your vehicle touchscreen.
  3. A friendly Uconnectu00ae Care agent will register your vehicle and take care of the rest.

How do I know my Uconnect version?

On a Chrysler Uconnect Navigation System, look for the current navigation software version.

  1. Touch Nav to access the navigation menus
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch System
  4. Touch About
  5. Touch Nav to access the navigation menus
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How do I know if my car is equipped with Uconnect?

To find out if your vehicle is capable, go to the Apps icon on your Uconnectsup>u00ae/sup> touchscreen and look for the Wi-Fi Hotspot button.

What devices are compatible with Uconnect?

To use Via Mobile apps, pair your smartphone to Uconnect using the Bluetooth (BT) Hands Free Profile, which you can find at UconnectPhone.com. Once you’ve confirmed that your smartphone is compatible with Uconnect, pair it to Uconnect using the Bluetooth (BT) Hands Free Profile.

Can I remote start my car with Uconnect?

The Uconnectu00ae App is now available for download.

How do you Bluetooth your phone to a Dodge Journey?

Dodge Bluetooth Setup Guide (Step-by-Step)

  1. Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and the vehicle is in park.
  2. Press the Phone button > Add Device > Settings on your Dodge Uconnect screen.
  3. Select your Dodge from the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device.

How do you reset Bluetooth on a Dodge Journey?

All you have to do is press and hold the volume up and tune buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds. You will hear a beep and the screen will go black, then come back on after about 20 seconds.

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