Often asked: June’s Journey How Much Land Is Available?

How to buy more land?

You can use compasses to remove clouds from plots as long as you meet the star requirement for each plot. After you finish Orchid Island, there are three more islands to open, one plot at a time. A fourth island is expected to arrive soon, but no date has been set.

How do you get more land in June’s journey?

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock new areas of the island, each of which requires a certain number of Stars and Compasses. To unlock a new area, tap on the cloudy square you want to clear, and a pop-up will appear with the requirements.

How many landmarks are in June’s journey?

Landmarks are fixed-position buildings on Orchid Island that Mr. Talbot can restore throughout the game. There are five landmarks on Orchid Island.

How many chapters are there in June’s Journey 2020?

June’s Journey is a mystery game aimed at female fans of the genre in which you must spot specific items in a crowded scene. Wooga CEO Jens Begemann said in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat, “We will start with 20 chapters of content, and we will launch a new chapter every single week.”

What are the stars for in Junes journey?

Each time you earn a star by completing a scene, you can claim one of these boxes, which contain Energy, Coins, Diamonds, building materials, character cards for unlocking bonus content in the photo album, and occasionally even extremely rare and special Orchid Island decorations!

How do I store items in June’s journey?

Simply tap anywhere on your island and hold for three seconds to open the Storage drawer.

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Are there any cheats for June’s journey?

Are there any June’s Journey cheats? You can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in the game; these cheat codes aren’t even real cheat codes; they’re just a random string of numbers, letters, and characters that can’t be entered anywhere else in the game, so don’t waste your time with them.

How many levels is the lighthouse in June’s journey?

Landmarks are large buildings on your island that take time to upgrade; the Lighthouse is the first one you’ll come across, and each one requires around 20 levels of upgrades; renovating them is a long-term investment, but it will reward you with a lot of flowers and help you solve this case.

How many levels does it take to complete the chapel in June’s journey?

Take your time before I do; Chapel also has 20 levels.

Does June end up with Jack in June’s journey?

Jack and June met in Paris shortly after the war ended and began a short-lived relationship; they remained best friends, but his love for her never died, and they got together for “a serious relationship” after she confessed her love to him.

Who is the killer in June’s journey?

Sam Watts is a character in June’s Journey who is an FBI agent investigating the murders of Clare and Harry van Buren.

What is going up a level in June’s journey?

To unlock new scenes and chapters, you must raise your level, which requires Flowers. The amount of Flowers required to advance to the next level is indicated by the number next to the Flower progress bar in the top right corner of your island when viewing it.

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Are there bots in June’s journey?

Also, because bots can’t’see’ images, we can’t use them in the game; however, these scores are attainable with practice!

What is the best strategy for June’s journey?

June’s Travel Guide: 5 Tricks and Cheats for More Puzzle Solving

  1. Think Outside The Box.
  2. Take Note Of Objects.
  3. How To Get A High Score.
  4. When In Doubt, Tap Around.
  5. When In Doubt, Tap Around.

What is the best device to play June’s journey on?

June’s Journey is an Adventure game developed by Wooga, and the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience is BlueStacks app player.

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