Question: How Long Is Journey Into Imagination With Figment?

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Originally opened on March 5, 1983, Journey into Imagination with Figment is the third and most recent incarnation of a dark ride attraction located within the Imagination! pavilion at Epcot. Its original and current versions feature the small purple dragon named Figment as well as the song “One Little Spark.”

1983–1998: Journey into Imagination

The original attraction, created by Tony Baxter and Steve Kirk, opened on March 5, 1983. The omnimover vehicles “floated” in the clouds and saw the silhouette of a strange blimp mixed with a vacuum cleaner. Both Dreamfinder and Figment (voiced by Billy Barty) imagine things to fill the “idea bag.”

1999–2001: Journey into YOUR Imagination

Dr. Nigel Channing, played by Eric Idle, hosted the original Journey Into Your Imagination, which opened on October 1, 1998, with an updated theme based on the 3-D film Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (1994).

2002–present: Journey into Imagination with Figment

On June 2, 2002, Journey into Imagination reopened with a larger role for Figment, who now appears in every show scene. The classic song “One Little Spark” also returned with new verses, but the Dreamfinder was still missing. In Smell, Figment transforms into a skunk who sprays the riders with a foul odor.

ImageWorks: The What-If Labs

ImageWorks: The What-If Labs is an interactive exhibit area at Epcot’s Imagination! pavilion on the western side of Future World (now renamed World Celebration) in Bay Lake, Florida.

ImageWorks (1982–1998)

The Rainbow Corridor featured colored lights that followed the guests as they passed through, but guests are no longer able to enter the second floor. Guests create music by stepping on color panels. Vibrating Mirrors made the guests’ reflection warp like a funhouse mirror.

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ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs (1999–present)

Guests can make Figment play an instrument to the tune of One Little Spark, and there are small touchscreens where guests can make their own Figments. From 1999 to 2010, the Imageworks pavilion was known as the Kodak “What If?” Labs.

One Little Spark

“One Little Spark” is a song written by the Sherman Brothers for the original Journey Into Imagination attraction, performed by audio-animatronic characters Dreamfinder and Figment in the 1983u20131998) version, and Dr. Nigel Channing (Eric Idle) and Figment (Dave Goelz) in the 2002 version.

References to Disney films

Professor Brainard (Fred MacMurray’s role in The Absent-Minded Professor) and Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids trilogy) are mentioned in the queue for the Journey into Imagination attraction, and the ride also includes references to The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.


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Is Journey Into Your Imagination with Figment closing?

Yes, the Journey Into Imagination with Figment attraction in EPCOT is still open as of right now. Is Journey Into Imagination Closing? While Journey Into Imagination is one of the top candidates for replacement, there are no immediate plans for a refurbishment at this time.

Is Journey Into Imagination with Figment worth it?

Josh’s Opinion: The current version of Figment is definitely worth seeing, especially considering the short wait times and good FastPass availability.

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When did Journey Into Imagination closing?

The ride was shut down on October 10, 1998, much to the dismay of many fans.

Does Journey Into Imagination have drops?

Figment takes over the eye chart in the Sight Lab, and Channing and Figment duet “One Little Spark” as the tour concludes. Inside Attraction Journey Into Imagination With Figment. This ride is a fun choice for guests of all ages, with an engaging storyline and an easy ride with no major drops.

Why did they change Journey Into Imagination?

Due to sponsorship issues with Kodak, a new version titled Journey Into Your Imagination debuted in 1999, replacing the Dreamfinder with Dr. Nigel Channing; unfortunately, Figment’s appearance was reduced to only a minor appearance at the ride’s conclusion.

Is living with the land scary?

The beginning of the ride is a little dark, but it shouldn’t bother anyone. Scary Factor: None, unless you have a fear of genetically modified organisms. What to Expect: Riders board large, slow-moving boats.

What does a figment of your imagination mean?

A figment of one’s imagination is defined as “something one has imagined.” He insists that the dangers are real and not just a figment of his imagination.

Is imagination a fragment or figment?

a figment of your imagination: The dinosaurs he claimed to have seen were figments of his imagination.

Is spaceship Earth closing?

Due to declining popularity, Ellen’s Energy Adventure was permanently closed on August 13, 2017. It will be replaced by the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction (in the future World Discovery site), which was scheduled to open in 2021 but was pushed back to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What happened dreamfinder?

Tony was eventually put onto Kodak’s Imagination pavilion as the Dreamfinder, with the dragon’s color changing from green to purple to become Figment, and the whimsical inventor found a home there as the Dreamfinder, with the dragon’s color changing from green to purple to become Figment.

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