Question: How Much Do Journey Girls Cost?

Journey Girls

Journey Girls is an American line of 18 fashion dolls aimed at girls aged 6 to 12. They were sold at Toys R Us until the company went out of business, after which JustPlay rereleased them, and they have since been sold on Amazon.


In late 2013, Toys R Us added another new Journey Girl doll, Mikaella, to the Italy line, while the Australia and Japan holiday dolls have no name. Journey Girls dolls are made of vinyl and cloth with rooted hair and inset eyes and are released about once a year with a new outfit.

Are Journey Girls good?

The Journey Girls are nice dolls; they have lovely faces and eyes, and the body style with the 1/2 vinyl chest piece is a great design.

How tall is a journey girl?

Each Journey Girl doll is 18 inches tall and comes dressed in her own travel-inspired outfit, with beautiful rooted hair and expressive hand-painted faces.

Can you wash Journey Girl hair?

Yes, but make sure you cover the doll’s face and body with plastic so she doesn’t get wet. Make sure the doll’s hair is down, remove any clips or hair ties, and undo any braids or twists before washing it. Hold the doll’s hair under a faucet and wash it with a mild shampoo.

Can Journey Girl dolls get wet?

The big one has always been that the fabric body of the doll looks ridiculous in a swimsuit, which is why the Journey Girls are so awesome! Also keep in mind that if the doll gets wet, it will take a long time to dry her out.

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What size are Journey Girl dolls?

Each Journey Girl doll is 18 inches tall and comes dressed in her own travel-inspired outfit, with beautiful rooted hair and expressive hand-painted faces.

What happened to journey girls?

Tru Kids Brands’ Journey Girls have moved from Toys “R” Us to Amazon. The 18-inch dolls were a house brand of Toys “R” Us in the United States for many years, positioned as a competitor to Mattel’s American Girl and Battat’s Our Generation line.

Who is the owner of American Girl?

Made of a blend of mod-acrylic fibers of various colors and textures, it maintains styles well and creates a rich variation of colors, just like on a human head.

Can Wellie wishers get wet?

Do not use them in water; my daughter submerged both of her Wellie Wishers in the pool, and they are now completely soaked. It is probably not a good idea to get them wet; the joints allow water to enter the doll, which is difficult to remove because they are plastic inside and out.

Can you use conditioner on doll hair?

Doll hair responds well to fabric softener, conditioner, and baby shampoo, especially when handled gently.

Can Glitter Girl dolls get wet?

The Glitter Girls dolls are not intended to be bathed or have their hair washed, and we do not recommend getting her wet in any way, as this may cause damage to your doll.

Can our generation dolls go in the pool?

This is our story. Athletic Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls! Please keep in mind that the best swimming for your dolls is imaginary!

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How do you dry an American Girl doll body?

When you take your doll out, towel her off and take her outside to dry. Lay her out on an old towel in a sunny area that will stay in direct sunlight for at least 5-8 hours, folding the towel up over her arms, legs, and head to avoid bleaching.

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