Question: How To Restart Journey Mode Fifa 17?

Alex Hunter (character)

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Alex Hunter was born on November 27, 1999, in Clapham, London, to a multiracial family with a white father and a black mother. His grandfather, Jim Hunter, was a former professional footballer who scored 22 goals in the 1968u201369 season.


Alex Hunter can sign for any Premier League club of his choice, but when he returns to his parent club after impressing on loan in the Championship, he discovers that his best friend Gareth Walker has joined another of the clubs to which he was previously loaned.


Hunter returns as a well-known professional footballer, swapping jerseys with Cristiano Ronaldo and Gyasi Zardes of the LA Galaxy. Real Madrid are interested in signing Hunter, but his agent Michael dupes them into believing he is the player they want. Michael tells Hunter that his father gambled his football career away for personal gain, and that he can either forgive him or fire him.


The story follows Alex Hunter, his half-sister Kim, and Danny Williams on their journey from Coventry to Real Madrid, where both Alex and Danny’s teams advance from their groups in the Champions League, and where they also train with their respective teams for a pre-season friendly tournament in Japan. Alex and Beatriz pay a visit to Kim before the Champions League’s first knockout game, and Beatriz informs her that she has been sacked.

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Alex Hunter and Beatriz Villanova attend the NYC Pro Street Invitational in New York, where they take a selfie with Revvy, Revvy’s (the Protagonist) teammate, and are mentioned in the game’s Volta Story mode as having played Volta Football in Rio de Janeiro.

Reception and impact

Alex Hunter’s story was intertwined with that of Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford, and in EA Sports’ “Player of the Year” mode (POD) for FIFA 17, there is no way to customize anything about Hunter except his team, position, and clothing.


“FIFA 18: Meet The Journey’s Real Life Alex Hunter”. “FIFA 17 is getting a story mode, and here’s why”. “The Journey Is a Half-Baked Addition That Needs Work”.

How do you restart your journey on FIFA?

On the journey tile, press RB and then right on the right stick.

How do you get a journey on FIFA 17?

Walkthrough for FIFA 17: The Journey

  1. First match, tour, season opener, and coming off the bench.
  2. Farmed out on loan.
  3. Grinding it out in the Championship.
  4. Grinding it out again, this time in the Premier League.

Can you replay the journey FIFA 19?

No, if you want to replay a match in the mode, you must exit the game before it saves.

Can you replay the journey FIFA 18?

You don’t have to carry your progress from The Journey in FIFA 18 over to FIFA 19. Simply go back into The Journey in FIFA 18, reload your latest save, and replay the final cinematic sequence, and your progress will be carried over to FIFA 19.

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How do you restart FIFA 18 World Cup?

To do so, go to “Customize” -> “Profile” -> “Delete” -> “Personal Settings 1” and restart the game.

Is FIFA 17 the best?

Much is made of sports game close-ups, which are of course important, but from the perspective of gameplay camera, FIFA 17 is far and away the best in the series (and possibly of any sports game to date).

Does FIFA 17 PS3 have the journey?

The Journey, which follows young footballer Alex Hunter’s journey to world dominance, combines traditional football gameplay with RPG-style player choice, but it will not be available on Xbox 360 or PS3 due to the outdated hardware.

What FIFA was the first journey?

The Journey, which debuted in FIFA 17, was the first of its kind, the first FIFA story mode that focused on a single character’s career, powered by both user choice and actual match gameplay, and allowed players to experience Alex Hunter’s story firsthand thanks to powerfully rendered cinematics from the Frostbite engine.

Which FIFA does the journey end?

The Journey was first introduced to the franchise a few years ago, and now we’ve reached its conclusion with FIFA 19 The Journey. In FIFA 19, the final parts of our three protagonists’ stories come to a close, and you can earn some fantastic rewards for use in Ultimate Team while doing so.

What happened to the journey FIFA 20?

The Journey, the cinematic story mode that concluded character Alex Hunter’s story in FIFA 19, is no longer available in FIFA 20. Instead, this custom character becomes the star of Volta, much like Alex Hunter was in The Journey.

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How do you save story mode on FIFA 19?

There is no way to save yourself.

How many chapters does FIFA 19 have?

This year’s installment of The Journey is divided into only four chapters, plus a brief Prologue, and our walkthrough for each step of the story can be found below: FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter One – Rising Stars and Prologue.

How do you play journey on FIFA 19?

Tips for FIFA 19: The Journey of Champions

  1. Spend your Skill Points.
  2. Don’t worry too much about the dialogue options.
  3. Don’t simulate training because it could easily kick you out of the starting XI and you’ll miss out on improving your overall skills.

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