Question: How To Take 2017 Dodge Journey Out Of Ship Mode?

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How do I get my car out of shipping mode?

Deactivation of the Transport Mode

  1. Turn key to “on” position.
  2. Wait for chimes to stop.
  3. Press brake pedal 5 times.
  4. Turn four-way flashers on 5 times.

What is ship mode on a car?

The shipping mode function is used to reduce battery consumption by cutting off the current path to the system when it is turned off; battery-powered portable products, in particular, require this function to suppress battery power consumption from the time they are manufactured until they are delivered to the end user.

What does it mean when your car says shipping mode on push storage fuse?

The switch is pushed in (switched on) prior to delivery of your vehicle and should always be on. If the extended storage fuse switch is not pushed in (switched on), the warning u201cSHIPPING MODE ON, PUSH STORAGE FUSEu201d may appear on the dot matrix liquid crystal display.

What is ship mode?

This design features a space-saving Ship Mode that features a simple, low-cost load switch solution, which is specifically targeted for wearables and other small portable electronics.

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