Question: How To Turn On A Dodge Journey?

Dodge Journey won’t start – causes and how to fix it

The most common causes that prevent normal starting operation of your Dodge Journey are a dead key fob battery, a dead 12v battery, corrosion on battery terminals, a bad alternator, and a clogged fuel filter.

1. Weak Battery

The most likely cause of your Journey’s engine not cranking or cranking slowly is a weak or dead 12v battery. If a new car battery was installed, the battery may not have yet reached its full capacity; a test can be done to measure the voltage between the battery poles.

Test 12v battery

The voltage of your Dodge Journey’s battery can be precisely measured with a multimeter; successful testing of the car battery, i.e. checking the voltage, usually yields values between 12 and 13 volts; values above 14 or below 11.5 volts necessitate expert evaluation.

Jump start Dodge Journey

If your Journey vehicle’s battery is dead, you can jump start it with jumper cables and a healthy battery from another vehicle. Connect cables to the positive terminal of your Journey’s dead battery and the negative terminal of the donor vehicle’s battery before attempting to jumpstart it.

2. Corrosion on battery

Corrosion on your car battery’s contacts causes contact loss, which means your engine can no longer start properly. To determine if your Journey’s starting problems are caused by dirty battery contacts, investigate them. If you find white deposits or silvery-green deposits but no other damage, you do not need to replace the battery.

Clean battery corrosion

To clean the battery on your Dodge Journey, you must first remove the pole cables; if the pole clamp is very tight, you can open it with pliers; however, do not touch any other parts of the body if you use metal pliers.

3. Weak key fob battery

If your Journey has a push start/stop button, it’s possible that it won’t start because the battery is only used to send the signal for locking/unlocking; if the key fob battery runs out, the door won’t lock or unlock at the touch of a button.

How to start Dodge Journey with dead key fob battery

If your Dodge Journey has no place to insert a key, try placing your key fob as close to the start/stop button as possible; this will rule out any other issues with the first key, such as water damage.

4. Broken starter motor

A starter is a motor that starts your Journey’s engine and has an average life of 100,000 to 150,000 miles. If the starter fails, it will usually need to be replaced. Symptom: A clicking sound, which is the sound of a bad starter motor.

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Temporary fix for starter

If your car’s engine won’t start, hit the starter motor with a stick or metal tool; the parts inside the starter may be stuck together or out of alignment, and it’s a good idea to have it inspected.

5. Defective alternator

Alternators are generators that produce electricity; if your Journey’s alternator fails, it will be unable to produce electricity, and the battery will not charge. Alternators are known to last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles in modern cars.

6. Clogged fuel filter

The engine will not function properly and may not start at all if the filter is dirty; cleaning is not possible; the filter can only be changed as part of a regular oil change.

7. Fuel pump failure

The engine will not start if the fuel pump fails; a defective fuel pump can be replaced in your workshop. If the pump is leaking, a power contact is broken, or a line or pump lever is broken, the fuel pump is usually noticeable before failure.

8. Blown fuse

Check all fuses in the fuse box that are necessary for starting the engine; a blown fuse may be the cause of your Journey’s breakdown in rare cases. The fuse box is under power, so repairs or tests should always be done in a workshop rather than at home.

9. Defective spark plugs

If a spark plug in an engine is loose, it may need to be replaced in the workshop; without working spark plugs, the engine will not start. The spark plugs themselves are usually unaffected by defects; instead, they are connected by connections on the ignition system.

10. Rodent damage

Rodent damage, which can affect all vehicle systems such as the fuel supply or the power supply, is another reason why your Dodge Journey won’t start. Damage caused by a rodent bite can be repaired in the workshop, but at a relatively high cost.

11. Engine failure

In a workshop, only an experienced mechanic can diagnose engine failure due to tearing of the timing belt, incorrect fueling, insufficient oil, hydrolock, overheating of the engine, or continuous driving in an excessive speed range.

Use OBD2 scanner for diagnosis

To troubleshoot a Dodge Journey, first connect the diagnostic tool to your vehicle (the OBDII connector is usually located under the dashboard). Always double-check that the information is correct for accurate troubleshooting.

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There are a variety of reasons why your Journey may not start; however, it is recommended that laypeople call a breakdown service, as the latter can directly initiate the repair in the event of a defect. The battery is the most obvious cause, and it should be turned off immediately.

How do you start a Dodge Journey?

Connect the red cable to the positive terminal of your Journey’s dead battery, then to the positive terminal of the donor battery; then connect the black cable to the negative terminal of the donor battery, then to the bare metal in your Journey’s engine bay.

How do you start a Dodge Journey with a key?

Your Dodge vehicle can still be started:

  1. Flip the key fob over, slide the switch on the top left, and pull out the silver key.
  2. Place the key back inside the key fob for safekeeping.
  3. Push the start button with the Dodge key fob while your foot is on the brake.

How do you start a 2017 Dodge Journey with a key?

Start The Engine With A Dead Key Fob In A Dodge Journey

  1. Use the key to UNLOCK the vehicle door.
  2. Place the key fob on the START button, PUSH in, and press the BRAKE to start the vehicle.

How do you autostart a 2020 Dodge Journey?

To use the Dodge Journey’s remote start, press the “remote start” button on the key fob, which is located below the “lock” and above the “panic” options. Press it twice and up to 80 feet away to start the engine, which will cause the Journey’s lights to flash and the car to engage.

How bad is the Dodge Journey?

The 2019 Dodge Journey received a 5.9 out of 10 rating from U.S. News, making it the worst SUV in its class in 2019. So, while the Journey may be more reliable than the 2009 and 2010 model years, it doesn’t appear that Dodge has addressed its other issues.

How long does a Dodge Journey battery last?

Dodge Journey batteries typically last 3-5 years, but this varies depending on weather, battery type, driving habits, and other factors. You can extend the life of your Journey battery by: Cleaning the terminals and posts of corrosion with the appropriate cleaning solution and a wire brush.

Can I start my Dodge Journey from my phone?

Staying connected has never been easier: with the Uconnectsup>u00ae/sup> app 1, you can use your smartphone to start your engine, lock or unlock your vehicle 7, and take advantage of services like Send ‘n GoTM and Vehicle Finder 5. Make sure you’re registered by pressing the Assist button on your rearview mirror.

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How much is a replacement key for a Dodge Journey?

In short, a Dodge Journey key replacement can cost anywhere from $330 to $450.

How can I start my car without a fob?

Yes, you can drive a car without the key fob once the engine is started, and you can also shift from park (P) to drive (D) without the key in the car. If the vehicle is keyless, you must press the start button to start the engine, and your car will detect and authenticate the fob.

How do you tell if my Dodge Journey has remote start?

So, how do you know if your vehicle has remote start? Look at your key; there should be a button with an arrow moving in a circular direction with the letters ‘x2’ on it.

Are they making a 2021 Dodge Journey?

The Dodge Journey, on the other hand, will be discontinued in 2020, after being introduced in 2009. This long-running midsize SUV will not be returning in 2021, as part of Dodge’s efforts to update and revitalize its lineup, focusing more on its iconic performance vehicles.

Do all Dodge journeys have remote start?

Remote start is standard on the 2108 Dodge Journey crossroad and gt models. Yes, the 2108 Dodge Journey can offer remote start, but only on trims with UConnect. To use the remote start feature, download the UConnect app on your smartphone.

Can I remote start my 2019 Dodge Journey?

The 2019 Journey did not come with a remote start or heated seats, which was a disappointment.

How do I reset my Dodge Journey remote start?

Turn your key back to the “off” position (or press the start button again) within five seconds of turning on your remote car starter. Repeat the on-off cycle three more timesu2014you’ll do four total.

What does check engine light mean Dodge Journey?

If your Dodge Journey’s check engine light illuminates, it means there’s a problem that needs to be addressed right away, and your Dodge should be transported in as soon as possible. This blinking light usually indicates a severe engine misfire, allowing unburned fuel to leak into the exhaust system.

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