Question: Smt Strange Journey How To Get Macca?

how to get easy macca early in the game?

Kill reinforcements and profit (quite literally) from battles with Pretas.

What is Macca SMT?

The official currency of the Expanse, minted by Lucifuge, is macca (, or) (sign:). The symbol for macca is an ‘h’ with a line crossing the upper half of the neck, closely resembling the Cyrillic alphabet Tshe ().

How do you get the neutral route in SMT Strange Journey?

All you have to do is stay essentially neutral for the majority of the game (as long as you aren’t extreme law or chaos), then decide to go neutral at the one crucial story line event in Sector H– the one that determines your ending.

How many endings are in SMT Strange Journey?

Without going into spoilers, these new endings are still aligned in the same way as before, but you can now choose between the old and new versions of your final alignment as long as you complete the Womb of Grief, which means there are a total of six endings to see.

Is Strange Journey connected to SMT 4?

Is there a link between the two games? u201cNo, there isn’t,u201d Yamai clarifies. u201cIf anything, it’s more of an extra little something, so people who haven’t played Strange Journey won’t be able to enjoy [this game].u201d

How do you make Macca SMT 4?

Use your points to purchase the Scout Bonus app after unlocking the Burroughs App in Shin Megami Tensei IV; every time you use ‘Scout’ and recruit a demon, the demon will give you free Macca.

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Where can I buy hifumi magatama?

It costs 4000 Macca (12000 in Hard mode) and can be purchased at the Junk Shop in Ginza’s Great Underpass.

How many endings are in SMT Nocturne?

SMT Nocturne Endings: A Guide To All Six Video Game Endings

How do I change my alignment in SMT Strange Journey?

Q: Is there any way to change / manipulate my alignment? just west of the High Pixie who gives out Faerie Land EX Missions. Keep trying to talk to the goblin until you get dialogue options.

Does Devil Survivor have alignment?

Instead of having traditional alignments, Devil Survivor 2 has routes based on the quality of the star signs.

What is the womb of grief?

The Womb of Grief, also known as the Wailing Womb (, Nageki no Tai)sup>?/sup> in the Japanese version, is an optional dungeon in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux that features a slew of new bosses tied to its completion, similar to the Labyrinth of Amala in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

Does Strange Journey Redux have DLC?

Atlus has revealed the full DLC schedule for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux’s Japanese release, which will include useful items, accessories, weapons, and armour that will make the game easier to play. All DLC will be released on October 26th, 2017, alongside the game.

Is Strange Journey a spin off?

Atlus has announced the release of a spin-off manga for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (known in Japan as “Deep Strange Journey”), which will debut on January 16, 2018.

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Is Strange Journey a spinoff?

On the rumor that Strange Journey was originally intended to be part of the main SMT series: To be precise, it was conceived as a spinoff from the beginning, but because it was conceived as a spinoff, we had the freedom to go off on a tangent from the mainline games (and the extra pain and suffering that came with it, haha).

Is Strange Journey Redux hard?

Strange Journey Redux is a tough dungeon-crawling RPG, and if you’re not careful or fail to exploit their enemies effectively, you’ll be wiped out by regular enemies. Thankfully, you can change the game difficulty at any time.

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