Quick Answer: How To Adjust The Journey Difficulty?

Journey Mode

Journey Mode is a customization option available when creating new characters and worlds that allows the player to duplicate items and change time and weather. Journey mode is only available with Journey characters in Journey worlds.


Players in Journey Mode have access to the Power Menu, which allows them to customize their game experience. Characters start with upgraded versions of their usual equipment, and enemies are half as difficult by default, with the Enemy Difficulty Slidelider allowing them to change their difficulty during gameplay.


When opened, the Power Menu’s interface replaces the crafting menu, and it contains seven different functions: duplication, research, time, weather, personal power menu, infection spread, and enemy difficulty.


The Duplication Menu, which has eleven/ seven tabs, allows the player to duplicate any previously researched item indefinitely. Clicking a category tab shows only items of that type; clicking the same category tab again deselects it.


To duplicate an item, it must first be “researched” a certain number of times; highlighting an item in the inventory displays a counter indicating how many more of that item will be needed; research counters are tied to characters, so new characters will have to research items again.


Within the Time Menu, there are three options: alternating between day and night counts as a random chance for bosses and events to spawn; events can be extended indefinitely by repeatedly setting time back a step or freezing time; and events can be extended indefinitely by repeatedly setting time back a step or freezing time. Alter time from 1u00d7 to 24u00d7 its normal rate.


The Weather Menu gives the player complete control over the current weather, with sliders ranging from Clear Sky to Monsoon, and prevents wind speed/direction from changing randomly, as it does in Crysis 3’s Unreal Tournament 3rd edition.


Godmode renders the player immune to all damage and knockback, as well as granting unlimited breath and Mana. Enemy Spawn Rate Slider: Sets enemy and critter spawn rates from 0 to 10 times normal rate.

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Infection Spread[]

A toggle that can stop Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow from spreading, but not from returning to their original biome.

Enemy Difficulty Slider[]

A slider that adjusts the difficulty from 0.5u00d7 to 3u00d7 the normal difficulty, allowing all rewards in that difficulty to be unlocked.


When Godmode is enabled, it appears as if no Mana is being used at all. Items that appear at different times of the year, such as Goodie Bags, can be researched. Speeding up time also speeds up the spread of biomes and plant growth rates. The duration of debuffs is unchanged when switching difficulty. Enemy stats at 1.95, 2.95, and 3.95 difficulty are significantly higher than those at 2.5 and 3.


The difficulty of an enemy determines its stats upon spawn, allowing the player to obtain Expert- or Master-exclusive items from a Journey-level boss, for example. While in a cave, the player can hold Torches and use Smart Cursor to light up nearby areas.


The Marshmallow on a Stick is the only non-stackable item that requires 10 items to research in Journey Mode. Boss fights are a little harder in 2.95u00d7 Expert difficulty than in 3.00u00d7 Master difficulty.


When time is frozen in Journey Mode, characters now spawn with a grappling hook. Armed Zombie and Bone Skeleton Statues can now be legitimately researched without the use of external editors. Invasion warning messages should no longer spam the player.

What difficulty is Journey mode?

Journey Mode is Terraria’s “creative” or “tourist” mode, making it relatively easy to obtain items and explore Terraria’s various elements and mechanics without having to overcome the game’s normal progression of challenges; however, Journey players can adjust the game’s difficulty on-the-fly.

Is Journey mode easier?

Terraria’s Journey mode is significantly easier than the game’s other modes, giving players more creative freedom and control. For example, players can customize the difficulty and various elements to their liking, as well as spawn any previously researched item.

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How do you play Journey mode in Terraria?

To begin Journey mode, enter Terraria and start a new game. On the character creation screen (shown above), you will see four different modes to choose from: Journey, Classic, Mediumcore, and Hardcore. Since we want to play Journey mode, choose this option. Image courtesy of Re-Logic.

What does God mode do in Terraria?

There will be a God Mode option, which will greatly simplify life in the game, as well as the ability to turn off the spread of Infection, which spawns new types of enemies after the Xenomite Crystal is defeated. If “easier” isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to go in the opposite direction.

Is Journey mode on console?

Journey’s End was released for PC in May 2020 and for mobile later that year, so version 1.4 is now only available on consoles.

Is Terraria Journey’s End out?

The 1.4. 0.1 update, dubbed Journey’s End, was released on May 16, 2020, on Terraria’s 9th anniversary, with the original release date of May 16, 2011, and has been declared by Re-Logic staff as the game’s final major feature update.

Is Journey mode on PS4?

If you don’t already own the game, PC players can get it for $9.99 or your regional equivalent on Steam, the Humble Store, or DRM-free on GOG, while console players can get the PS4 version for $5.99 and the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions for full price.

Does Master Mode give more loot Terraria?

Master mode, as the difficulty level above Expert mode, shares almost all of the effects of the previous hardest difficulty; for example, bosses retain their Expert mode AI and will still drop treasure bags containing Expert mode-exclusive loot.

What does hard mode do in Terraria?

Hardmode, as the name implies, is a more difficult version of the first world that is permanently converted to Hardmode after the Wall of Flesh boss is defeated for the first time, providing players with new challenges and a lot more content to explore.

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Are there cheats in Terraria?

By using the multiplayer feature, you can cheat the system and get as many life crystals and items out of a chest as you want. 1 Go to Terraria.org and download their dedicated server program (just scroll all the way down on the home page.) 2 Use it to start one of your worlds or create a new one.

How much harder is master mode Terraria?

In Expert Mode, most enemies have roughly 50% more health and damage, as well as 10% more knockback resistance (for a total of three times more health, damage, and knockback resistance than in Classic Mode).

How do you dupe glitch in Terraria?

Duplication of a single player’s chest

  1. Load any world.
  2. Place the item(s) you want to dupe into a chest.
  3. Save and exit.
  4. Load the same world.
  5. Place the item in your inventory.
  6. Die, then pause the game before respawning.
  7. Reload Terraria.

Will there be a Terraria 2?

Terraria 2 is the second installment in the Terraria series; little is known about the nature and content of the game, and no release date has been set. Redigit has since returned to full-time work on Terraria; the game’s current state is unknown, as there has been no news in recent years.

Is there a creative mode MOD in Terraria?

The Commander is a tModLoader Creative Mode Mod.

How do you make the day go faster in Terraria?

One Terraria day lasts 15 real-world minutes, and one Terraria night lasts 9 real-world minutes. Time can be sped up to the end of the current cycle (i.e. 4:30 AM) once every seven days by using the Enchanted Sundial, and time can be sped up to five times the normal rate by sleeping in Beds.

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