Readers ask: How Do I Get Journey Builder?

Get to Know the Journey Builder Dashboard

Journey Builder is powerful and effective, but it’s not a stand-alone product; it relies on the content and audiences you’ve built in other marketing tools to get the job done. Log in with your Marketing Cloud username and password to get started with Journey Builder. The Journey Builder dashboard allows you to organize, search, and edit journeys.

Explore the Journey Builder Canvas

The canvas in Journey Builder looks different depending on the status of the journey. The canvas has four components: Journey title and description, Entry sources, activities, and canvas activities. Clicking an entry source tells Journey Builder the data source for a particular journey; we’ll go over these in more detail later in this module.

View an Existing Journey

You can start putting the principles of the Customer Journey Basics module to work with the Journey Builder app, which now includes the ability to stop a journey that is currently running or start a new version of the journey, as well as the ability to check the overall health of your journey.


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How much does journey builder cost?

A subscription will start at $5,000 per year, with the price rising as you send more messages to customers through the system.

How do I access journey builder in Salesforce?

Allow a user to use the Journey Builder

  1. Hover over Welcome [your username] and select Setup from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Users from the Users menu.
  3. Select the user.
  4. Click Manage Roles.
  5. Under Roles, click Edit Roles.
  6. Select Marketing Cloud Channel Manager or Marketing Cloud Content Editor/Publisher.
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What is a journey builder?

Journey Builder is designed to allow marketers to customize interactions through those stages based on customer needs, desires, and preferences, demographics, and real-time data from their behavior. Journey Builder responds to customers or prospective customers appropriately using event-driven triggers.

What is Salesforce journey?

Salesforce Journey is a marketing automation solution for creating consistent 1-to-1 customer journeys based on data modelled in the Marketing Cloud, and it’s one of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s integrated tools for improving customer relationships.

What is the difference between Automation Studio and Journey builder?

Marketers can use Automation Studio to create highly complex segmentation based on data from multiple sources and a large volume of data. Journey Builder is where you send your segmented audiences through highly-specific, customized journeys based on data from the Marketing Cloud.

Which three standard canvas activities are available in journey builder?

Messages, Advertising, Flow Control, Customer Updates, and Sales all appear in the builder panel under their respective headings.

Which step is a part of single send journey?

Single Send Journeys make tasks like promoting a new sale as simple as selecting a message, data source, and sending time. Three simple steps, and you’re off! In Journey Builder, click Scheduled Single Sends and take a look at the blank canvas of opportunity that awaits you.

What are entry source types for journey builder?

The entry source on the canvas tells Journey Builder where the customers entering this journey are coming from, and each journey must have one.

  • Administration of Entry Sources.
  • Edit an Entry Source.
  • Data Extension Entry Source.
  • Audience Entry Source.
  • Inbound Chat Message.
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Can we use list in journey builder?

Journey Builder does not support the use of lists created in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email application because the Contacts framework used by Journey Builder only supports records stored in Data Extensions.

What is the difference between journey data and contact data?

Contact data captures the data values in the event source data extension at the time Journey Builder evaluates it, while journey data preserves the state of a contact’s data at the moment an entry event fires, making it easier to use that data throughout a journey.

What is Datorama used for?

Salesforce’s Datorama is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that serves as a marketing intelligence platform, giving marketers a simple way to access media data.

What is customer sales journey?

What is a customer journey map, and how does it relate to sales? A customer journey map depicts all of the interactions that leads, prospects, and customers have with your brand, as well as how they feel about it at each stage.

What are customer journey maps?

A customer journey map is a simple concept: it’s a diagram that depicts the steps your customers take when they interact with your company, whether it’s through a product, an online experience, a retail experience, a service, or any combination of these.

What latest capability has raised the bar on what’s considered innovative?

A new crop of capabilities, such as artificial intelligence (AI), continues to raise the bar on what is considered innovative, and innovation influences the purchasing habits of the majority of customers.

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