Readers ask: How Long Is American Journey Having Deal On Chewy?

American Journey: Dog & Cat Food (Free Shipping)

Pets are great explorers, according to the company, so they need the right pet food and treats to fuel their adventures in the wild.

Is American Journey owned by Chewy?

Chewy is the only company that makes and distributes American Journey, and we work closely with our production partners to create and develop our own recipes, as well as oversee production to ensure that it meets our high quality standards.

Did PetSmart discontinue American journey?

American Journey was previously only available on Chewy’s website; however, since Chewy was recently acquired by PetSmart, some of American Journey’s recipes are now available on the PetSmart website as well as in select stores.

Has American journey had any recalls?

Fortunately, as of the time of writing this article, American Journey dog food has never been recalled, and this is true for both dry and wet dog foods. This particular brand is sold exclusively through Chewy, and there isn’t much information on the company.

Where are American Journey dog treats made?

These sweets are made in the United States.

Is American journey a good brand?

Expert Reviews: American Journey Grain Free is a plant-based dry dog food that contains a significant amount of named meat meals as its primary source of animal protein, earning it 5 stars.

Who makes American journey for Chewy?

Chewy Inc., one of the largest online stores for pet products, owns the American Journey Dog Food brand. Chewy Inc. was founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day and now sells over 1,000 brands to a large customer base. American Journey Dog Food is one of the brands manufactured and sold by Chewy Inc.

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Is chewy owned by PetSmart?

Chewy would continue to be owned by BC Partners, which bought PetSmart and its subsidiaries in March 2015, effectively eliminating Chewy as a subsidiary of PetSmart.

Is grain Free bad for dogs?

Grain-free food may be causing dogs to develop a life-threatening heart condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, according to a recent FDA warning.

Is grain free food good for dogs?

While carbohydrates are necessary for your dog’s energy production, too many of them can lead to obesity, the wrong bacteria in the gut, and a lack of energy, so a dog food labeled “grain-free” but with other ingredients isn’t necessarily a healthier option for your dog.

Does American Journey dog food have taurine?

Dogs can synthesize taurine from the protein in their diets, so there is no need to add it to this formula.

Are American Journey Dog Treats good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, healthy treats! My three furbabies adore these treats, which are also healthy treats, as well as this brand of healthy dog food.

Is Blue Buffalo good for dogs?

Yes, Blue Buffalo is suitable for dogs and puppies, as it contains all natural ingredients that provide additional health benefits while promoting good dental hygiene and assisting in the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat condition u2014 all without the use of artificial flavors or preservatives.

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