Readers ask: How To Fuse Asura Strange Journey?

ashura missing special fusion

Pisaca, Kwancha, and Orias are required for Asura, and Asura and Valkyrie are required for Asherah. You must have a demon that is a part of the special fusion for it to appear on the list, and you must have all of the component demons to identify the demon.

How do you fuse king Asura in Persona 3?

Vajra, a Knife-type weapon with an attack value of 450 and a hit rate of 100, can be created by fusing Asura with any Nihil weapon.

How does fusion work in SMT Nocturne?

Fusion is the process of combining two demons to create a (usually) stronger being; players who want to release low-level or useless demons should consider Fusion as a way to create a stronger demon that can fit into their roster.

How do you fuse demons?

After entering your data, press the u201cYu201d button on the Nintendo 3DS to start the search; you should see a list of demons; select the demon you want and press the u201cAu201d button; you can then see which demons you’ll be fusing to create the new demon.

What is a special fusion?

A special fusion (, Tokushu gattai)sup>?/sup> in fusion is a fusion formula that does not follow the traditional class-based fusion chart.

What is Asura the god of?

Asuras are “evil spirits, demons, and opponents of the gods,” according to Monier Williams in later verses of the Samhita layer of Vedic texts. Asuras connote chaos-creating evil in Indo-Iranian (collectively, Aryan) mythology about the battle between good and evil.

How do you fuse the Queen Mab in Persona 3?


  1. You can get queen mab by fusing these personas:
  2. How did you get king frost?
  3. Fuse all the frost together using triangle spread to get queen mab, then use the cross spread you’ll get later in the game to combine queen mab and the three frost and voila!!!!
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How do you get Deathstones SMT Nocturne?

Deathstones can be found all over the Kalpa Dungeons, and they’re frequently found in Cache Cubes after a Kalpa’s major puzzles have been solved.

How do you fuse Mada Nocturne?

You must fuse two demons to create a Vile Demon in order to fuse Mada.

How do you fuse Nekomata Nocturne?

You must fuse two demons to create a Beast Demon in order to fuse Nekomata.

How do you fuse the white rider in Nocturne?

If the Demi-fiend has a Deathstone, a special item found only in the Labyrinth of Amala, White Rider can be fused in the Cathedral of Shadows on the New Kagutsuchi phase after being defeated and once the Demi-fiend has reached level 52. White Rider can be fused by any combination of demons, resulting in a Yoma race.

How do you unlock the 4 way fusion in Persona 4?

Use four or more personas in a special fusion. Starting July 10th, Igor will allow you to perform special fusions involving four, five, or six personas. Complete one of these and you’ll receive the trophy. Neko Shogun of the Star Arcana will probably be the easiest to create.

How do you make Beelzebub?

Beelzebub can only be fused after you’ve maximized the Devil Social Link with Sayoko Uehara, the hospital nurse. Beelzebub requires a Hexagon fusion of the following personas: Belial (Devil) Belphegor (Devil) Belphegor (Devil) Belphegor (Devil) Belphegor (Devil) Belphegor (Devil) Belphegor (Devil)

How do you fuse Black Maria?

Black Maria is one of the game’s downloadable demons, and she can only be fused with Remiel and Isis.

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