Readers ask: In Parvana’s Journey How Did Parvana’s Father Die?

Book Reviews (Children’s): Parvana’s Journey by Deborah Ellis

Part two of the Breadwinner Trilogy about life in Afghanistan during the Taliban rule, reviewed by the Kilmihil Library’s Children’s Book Club, made the children think of children whose lives are not happy, as a result of war, etc., and made them appreciate all they have.

Does father die in the breadwinner?

In the dramatic sequel to The Breadwinner, twelve-year-old Parvana is left to fend for herself after her father dies, and she must find a way to locate her remaining family inside war-torn Afghanistan while dressed as a boy and accompanied by other children on the run.

Who dies in Parvana’s Journey?

After Leila’s grandmother is killed in a bombing, she joins the other children on their journey to a refugee camp, where Parvana is finally reunited with her family after the death of one of her dear friends.

What happened to Parvana’s father’s leg?

Because the Taliban like to beat and whip women, Father tells the Taliban that Parvana is the only one who can help him walk since he lost part of his leg when the school he used to teach in was bombed. It’s best to be “invisible” (1.8).

Does Parvana’s dad come back?

Mrs. Weera, Homa, and Parvana nurse Father back to health as she returns home from the market, and Parvana feels proud to work to provide Father with the medicine he requires.

Why did Parvana get water?

Why does Parvana have to go get water for the family? Father couldn’t carry water because of his leg; the little brother and sister were too small to carry water up three flights of stairs; Mother and Nooria would trip in their burqas; and they didn’t have a male companion to keep them safe from the Taliban.

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Is the breadwinner a true story?

Following the publication of her nonfiction book Women of the Afghan War, Ellis was inspired to write a fictional story about an unflappable girl named Parvana. “She’s a girl who isn’t at all interested in being heroic or strong or brave or anything,” Ellis said.

Why did Deborah Ellis write Parvana?

“Because Parvana has professional parents and some education, she has a sense of who she can be in the world,” Ellis explains, “it was important for Ellis to write Parvana as a young girl who is awake to possibilities and luckier than a lot of kids in Afghanistan.”

Who is Parvana’s little brother?

Parvana’s younger brother, Ali, is a toddler.

How old is Parvana?

Parvana is an 11-year-old Afghan girl who lives with her mother Fatana, father, bossy older sister Nooria, cheerful younger sister Maryam, and baby brother Ali in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Why does the Taliban soldier hit Parvana with a stick?

Because she is not covered up and does not have a man with her, the Taliban soldier hits Parvana with a stick.

Why does nooria want to get married?

Nooria only wants to get married so she can go to school and be free, because she feels useless in Kabul.

Why did Parvana’s parents disagree about leaving Afghanistan?

Because her father believed they needed to stay in Afghanistan because he was one of the few educated people, and her mother had four children to care for, Parvana’s parents disagreed about leaving. Also, flowers would bloom but only Parvana would be able to see them.

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What is Parvana afraid to do while everyone is being quiet for mother?

Q. What is Parvana afraid of doing while everyone is quiet for mother? Parvana is afraid of yelling and making noise while doing housework.

What does Parvana’s father do to make money?

Parvana is unable to attend school and must accompany her paralyzed father to the market every day to earn money by reading and writing letters for Kabul’s largely illiterate population.

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