Seismic S-waves Can Travel Through Earth’s Liquid Outer Core.?

S-waves passing from the mantle to the core are absorbed because shear waves cannot be transmitted through liquids.

This is evidence that the outer core does not behave like a solid substance.

S-waves are not transmitted through the liquid outer core.

Which seismic waves can travel through the Earth’s liquid outer core?

P waves can travel through the liquid outer core. An S wave is a different beast. In an S wave, the rock particles slide past one another, undergoing shear — so an S wave is also called a shear wave.

Do S waves travel through liquid?

S-waves cannot travel through liquids. When they reach the surface they cause horizontal shaking. Liquids don’t have any shear strength and so a shear wave cannot propagate through a liquid. Think of a solid material, like a rock.

At what point do S waves stop traveling through Earth’s interior?

Waves are also refracted at boundaries within Earth, such as at the Moho, at the core-mantle boundary (CMB), and at the outer-core/inner-core boundary. S-waves do not travel through liquids — they are stopped at the CMB — and there is an S-wave shadow on the side of Earth opposite a seismic source.

What wave P or S Cannot go through the core of Earth?

S waves cannot pass through the liquid outer core, but P waves can. The waves are refracted as they travel through the Earth due to a change in density of the medium.Travel

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