Strange Journey How To Fuse Sylph?

Need help, Prime’s through Fusion: Don’t worry, MC will fix it…

I keep trying to fuse demons into primes, but I keep getting the wrong ones. Can anyone give me a quick list of what fuses into what Prime? Karasu Tengu is a special fusion, which is why that combination will not yield Aeros. Snake Gui Xain will skip Ouroboros and go straight to Orochi, even though the fusion matrix says it’s a single rank up fusion.

How do you fuse sylph?

You can fuse a Sylph by triple fusing Earthys, Aquans, and Flaemis, or by using two demons who are both Divine (Tenshi) or two demons who are both Avian (Reichou).

How do you fuse Anat?

Fusion can be used to obtain Anat:

  1. Undine Tlazolteotl
  2. Aramisaki Taraka
  3. Undine Tlazolteotl
  4. Undine Tlazolte

How does fusion work in SMT Nocturne?

Fusion is the process of combining two demons to create a (usually) stronger being; players who want to release low-level or useless demons should consider Fusion as a way to create a stronger demon that can fit into their roster.

How do you fuse astaroth?

Gathering Masakadus from Diaspora’s end chests and delivering him to Gomory is required to fuse Astaroth. Masakadus is a special triple fusion of Kali, Artemis, and Throne.

How do you get sylph p4?

Sylph can be obtained through fusion or during shuffle time in the Bathhouse dungeon.

How do you make a sylph?

Sylph can be obtained through Shuffle Time in the Steamy Bathhouse, and its innate Sukukaja skill makes it a good candidate for fusion to create an Ippon-Datara with this skill, which is necessary for progressing Margaret’s Empress Arcana Social Link.

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How do you get Cybele?

Cybele is the ultimate Persona of the Lovers Arcana, obtainable by maxing out the Yukari Takeba Social Link and then fusible at level 68 or higher.

How do you fuse Mada Nocturne?

You must fuse two demons to create a Vile Demon in order to fuse Mada.

How do you fuse Barong Nocturne?

You must fuse two demons to create an Avatar Demon in order to fuse Barong.

How do you fuse trumpeter Nocturne?

You must fuse two demons to create a Tyrant Demon in order to fuse Trumpeter.

Who is astaroth black clover?

Astaroth is a Grand Duke of Hell in common demonology, and he’s a part of an evil trinity with Beelzebub and Lucifer in modern religious practices; he’s also thought to be able to command legions of demons.

Who is astaroth in Catherine?

Astaroth is one of Ishtar’s many avatars (Trisha, the Midnight Venus), Goddess of Fertility; his name is derived from the goddess “Astarte,” the Phoenician equivalent of Ishtar, and he is the mastermind behind the entire plot of the game: the weakening deaths and nightmares.

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