Travel Trailer Salvage Yards Near Me?

Do junkyards take campers?

There are not a lot of scrap yards strictly dedicated to recreational vehicles and campers, so you may not have one nearby.

You can also look for used parts or auto junk yards as some places will have RV’s and used RV parts.

Where can I get rid of an old camper?

There are a variety of ways you can dispose of your camper, even if it is no longer in working condition.

  • Donate your camper to a charity.
  • Sell the camper for scrap.
  • List your old camper on a community website for sale.
  • Give your camper to a hunter or fisherman friend or acquaintance.
  • Haul the camper to the local dump.

How do you salvage an RV?

Go beyond the landfill and consider:

  1. Selling on Craigslist or eBay. Think your junky old RV isn’t worth anything?
  2. Sell it to a junk RV buyer. If you can tow your RV away, one RV salvage yard near you will take it off your hands.
  3. Pay someone to get rid of it.
  4. Dismantle it yourself.

What causes motorhome fires?

Approximately 35% of all RV fires are caused by electrical shorts and faulty wiring. Generators, water heaters, and air conditioners with faulty wiring and any other item wired into the electrical system can be a common source for fire.Travel

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