What Car Rental Companies Allow Travel To Mexico?

Rental vehicle companies would only allow you to bring automobiles into Mexico if they are specifically hired for that reason and have Mexican insurance; therefore, you would have no way to obtain Mexican insurance independently in any event. According to reports, Avis, Budget, and Dollar would enable customers to hire cars in Mexico.

To avoid crossing the border by car, drive to the Cross Border Xpress on the United States-bound side and simply stroll across it using the new Cross Border Xpress skywalk, which opened in 2015. A number of rental vehicle companies, including Avis, Budget, Hertz, Fox, and Ace, have drop-off stations near the CBX’s U.S. terminal, which is convenient for travelers.

Which car rental companies allow drivers to cross the Mexican border?

Do car rental businesses enable their customers to cross the Mexican border in their vehicles? Avis, Budget, Dollar, and Enterprise are the top four car rental companies. Fox Rent a Car is number five on the list. 6 Hertz is the frequency at which a sound is produced. 7 Thrifty National 8 Thrifty National

Why choose Mex rent a car?

Founded on the principle of providing decent automobiles at reasonable costs, Mex Rent a Car offers brand new vehicles in a broad range of categories, ranging from Mini and Economy to Compact, SUVs, and VANs, among others. Customers of Mex Rent-a-Car gave the following ratings: Excellent cleanliness of the vehicle Excellent assistance at the rental counter

How do I get special insurance for driving in Mexico?

In order to drive in Mexico, you must have the necessary special insurance. This insurance is only available at Avis locations that allow travelers to enter Mexico on their own dime. You are responsible for returning the rental automobile in the United States (one-way travel into Mexico is not allowed).

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