What Is Another Word For Travel?

Alternative words for travel Compare and contrast the synonyms journey flight excursion movement navigation ride cruise, sightseeing, transit, trekking, bicycling, commuting, driving, adventure, hopping, and junketing are all examples of passages.peregrination ramble riding seafaring swing touring trekking journey voyaging stroll straying wanderlust wayfaring weekend traveling the world in a single night

How many synonyms are there for travel?

More than 1500 synonyms for travel. Words that are similar to Travel. What are some synonyms for the word travel? Use the tools to narrow down your search; we have 1568 alternative terms for travel. You are welcome to provide any synonyms for the word ″Travel″ that you may know, as well as rate the other terms that are listed as being similar. Words that are similar to Travel (2016).

What is the verb for travel?

1 to travel, typically across a considerable amount of ground. The pair has a passion for exploration, which has taken them to 34 different countries. Words that are similar to travel. trip, tour, peregrination, journey, and pilgrimage are all synonyms for voyage.

What is a synonym for travel lover?

10 Synonyms for Individuals Who Enjoy Traveling The Art of Travel: Roam, Look Around, and Find Something New The Art of Travel: This is the Travel with Art blog.Looking for synonyms for travel lovers: Vagabond, Hodophile, Globetrotter, Roadie, Itinerant, Rover, Wayfarer, Solivagant, Travel-buff, and Grey Nomad are all terms used to describe someone who is passionate about traveling.Toggle navigation Blog Destinations Our history Frequently Asked Questions Contact Travel Planner

What is the antonym for traveling?

Local Synonyms for the word traveling. dallying, dawdling, dillydallying, dragging, hanging (about or out), trailing, lingering, loitering,

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What is the synonyms for travel?

  1. Antonyms and synonyms of the word ″travel″ are: voyage,
  2. Peregrinate,
  3. Pilgrimage,
  4. Tour,
  5. Trek,
  6. Trip,
  7. Voyage

What is a travel lover called?

A person who has a passion for traveling is called a hodophile.

What is travel antonym?

Antonyms. rise fall rise recede ascend ride linger remain in position stay in place precede go advance fall follow rise recede.

What word means to travel regularly?

Itinerant. noun. someone who moves about a lot, typically due to the necessity of finding work in different locations.

What is a synonym for wanderlust?

Antonyms, agitation, and synonyms noises of growing unease in the environment. a desire to go expressed in the informal phrase itching feet.

What word rhymes with travel?

Word Rhyme rating Meter
gravel 100
unravel 100
Pavel 100
Havel 100

What is a travel freak called?

The term ″hodophile″ refers to someone who has a passion for travel. ″One who likes to travel″ is the definition of a hodophile.

What is a traveler person?

A person who is embarking on a journey or someone who travels quite a bit is referred to as a traveller. A significant number of airline passengers get swollen ankles and feet as a result of long trips. Synonyms: traveller, tourist, traveler, journeyer Additional Synonyms for the term traveller.

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